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please take a moment to comment if you like my art.

A practice piece. I found a random request somewhere and decided to do it just as practice... been out of the loop for a while and I'm building up to a really special piece soon. There are a few things that could be better, but all in all, I'm happy.

No critique, please.
Horse: [link] by ~Jello88
Background: [link] by ~F3rd4
Sky: [link] by ~xDante-stock
Bird: [link] by AndyLangager @ flickr
Textures: [link] by =night-fate-stock and [link] by =Smoko-Stock
Manipulation copyright ~xDante 2010. Not for your use.

please! <3
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© 2010 - 2020 dauntss
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Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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Beautiful, i would want to ride that horse everyday.
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Thanks!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my art work.
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Thank you so much! <3 I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
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-wheeze- You are killing me, darling. So long a hiatus and then you come back with something so wonderful it takes my breath away.....I SHALL NEVER BE ABLE TO DEAL WITHOUT YOUR ART EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! ;.; It's too lovely to bear!

First off, the blending is absolutely sublime (especially around the feet!). The textures aren't overbearing, and the text is absolutely gorgeous. The eye is just lovely, and the bird and the necklace......GAH. STOP BEING SO DAMN AWESOME!
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Meh, I feel like the forefoot blending is a bit lacking. But I'm glad you don't! And my main is a little too wacky. XD But I am really damn good at text... :3

Also, I just noticed, but somehow the bird looks like he's above the texture...? XD I'll need to fix that. I'm SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT <3
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I like that the bird was above--the necklace and the bird POP! But as for forefoot blending, it's totally awesome. XD Stop being dumb. >.> One constructive crit would be that the tail is sort of all over the place...like, where in the WORLD is that wind coming from? XD
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It's not wind :P The horse, as you can see, is freaking the hell out about something and jerking all over the place. No wind, just spazz.
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Ooooooooooooooooooooh. I GET IT! -is retarded-
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Thanks for the link back to see how you used my Stock. Job well done.

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