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Representing us all, I went to the opening night for the show in Eugene, Oregon and I will have a few pictures soon.
Let me say, the altered books were considered a smash hit! They were marveled at by about 800-900 people. Well done ladies!
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street corners spread by KatDiestel
to live soundlessly by KatDiestel
Cracking 2 by LauraTringaliHolmes
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Hogret's Puppy
Hogret's Puppy by hogret
The Journey Page by hogret
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Memoirs by hogret
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Ideal Fairy Tales--Altered Bk by LauraTringaliHolmes
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Ideal Fairy Tales - Spread 1 by LauraTringaliHolmes
Diamonds and Toads by hogret
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I Tell Myself Page by Colornote
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Extra Good DOAD by Colornote
My Spread for Liz's Book by LauraTringaliHolmes
DOAD Baked Beans Frida 2 by claudiamm37
Hogret's Leisure Hours aka Second Puppy
Hogret's Second Puppy by hogret
Hero Spread - Hogret's Pup II by motherofthesky
Leisure Hours -- left page by LauraTringaliHolmes
Leisure Hours -- right page by LauraTringaliHolmes
Weedlace's Family Album
Altered Book 2 DOAD cover by LauraTringaliHolmes
Altered Book 2 DOAD Interior by LauraTringaliHolmes
Altered Book 2 DOAD Sign-In PG by LauraTringaliHolmes
I Do -- Part 1 by LauraTringaliHolmes
Kat's Jahrbuch
Kat's Jahrbuch WIP by KatDiestel
front page by KatDiestel
sign in page WIP by KatDiestel
jahrbuch spread 1 by KatDiestel
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DOAD Index Card Journey Title by Neneplayswithpaper
Hogret's Girls Own Annual
Altered Book Candidate 3 by hogret
Hogret's PocketBook
The Readers by hogret
The Unlucky Family
Altered Book WIP 2 by hogret
Weedlace's Desert Mavericks
Desert Mavericks - Front Cover by LauraTringaliHolmes
Hogret's Autobiography
Autobiography WIP by hogret
Motherofthesky's Sparkle Twinkle
Sparkle Twinkle by motherofthesky
Weedlace's Princess Diary
Altered Diary 1 by LauraTringaliHolmes
KanchanCollage's Nobody Know The Truffles
to live soundlessly by KatDiestel
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Roadtrip by hogret
Playing Cards w KanchanCollage
Rustymermaid's book bundles
Book Bundles by rustymermaid
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Nobody Knows 2. Spread 3 by KanchanMahon
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ReverieCollages Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this group still active?
KatDiestel Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Hi, unfortunately it's not...
KanchanMahon Featured By Owner Edited Oct 8, 2014   Traditional Artist
Hey all! I am curious why I was taken out of the group? Are personalities getting in our way?
 I have projects circulating currently from this group.
hogret Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Hi Kanchan - ditto here to my response at Artful Dodgers.
dA recorded you as having left the group.
KanchanMahon Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014   Traditional Artist
Art-Fashion-History Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Hello KanchanCollage,
There seems to be
groups that should not participate ... I am not a member of this group, but I am sorry for this situation for you who make such beautiful artworks. I hope this group will have at least the courtesy to respond.
Very sorry for you.
LizCohn Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Hey Daughters, remember how there were all those images of Jantzen swimwear adverts going around, especially for Hogret's Roadtrip? Well I just met a Jantzen swimwear model from 40 years ago-in the flesh! She walked into my art gallery (Gallery 6 PDX). I was star struck a little. She was amazingly poised and beautiful still, and even nicer than you could imagine.

KatDiestel Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
:) cool - could you show her what we produced with these adverts? was she wearing a swimsuit ? :)
LizCohn Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Heh Heh, not wearing a swimsuit that day, darn it!
KatDiestel Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
too bad :shrug: - then how did you recognize her?
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