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  • Apr 27, 1996
  • United States
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My Bio
I Am Alive

I do NOT take commissions or requests!

I have so many aliases it's not even funny.

she/her or they/them | demisexual biromantic

i make khux medals sometimes, maybe come see?

Ringgold High School Tiger Band

"Don't march like a Disney character!" - Mr. C

"Never forget what you can achieve when you believe in each other and you work together. Don't ever forget that." - Mr. C

"The man with the bazooka needs more room." - Mr. C

"Gives new meaning to the term 'gong roll'." - Josh C.

"You know, your face wouldn't be so red if you'd just take in some of that free air floatin' around your head." - Mr. C

"Note to self: don't walk too close to doors." - me

"What, or you'll knock that down too?" - Shiloh

"So, the world is about to end, and they kiss? ... I'm so proud of you!" - Shane

"Sometimes I wish I was in Wonderland. Then I remind myself of the crazy people that surround me." - Raff

"Are we gonna find Bloody Pond or what? I need to add to it!" - Chris

"Oh my gosh, you're a freakin' Terminator!" - me

"How did you know?" - Shiloh

"Dang it, you're making me feel short sitting like that." - me

"You don't need me to make you feel short." - Shiloh

"Just remember, I can run circles around you!" - Mr. C

"Clayton, who's standing beside you?" - Mr. C

"What...? Oh. Me!" - Clayton

"*repeats everything* Uh, I think we should get that checked out..." - Mr. C

"At least you get a laugh out of my memory lapses." - me

"No, I get a laugh out of the jokes I make about your memory lapses." - Shiloh

"It would've been funnier if it'd had a bald spot and a mustache!" - Emma

"Aww, man! I can't slide; I'm supposed to be able to slide on a wooden floor in my socks!" - me

"What did you drink?" - Shiloh

*to Rach* "Hey, do you have any room over there?" - Shiloh

"I think she's cold." - me

"Well I think I'm squished." - Shiloh

"Take it back to Narnia!" - Jesse E.

"Meeeeeeooooooooow. Now I know why they call it a mallet-cat. It sounds like a cat!" - Autumn

"We so need to make a Facebook page for Levi & Mr. C's Burn Wars." - me

"There is something actually a bit disconcerting about knowing that your best guy friend looks good in a girl's jacket." - me

"Fwsh!" - an inside joke

"Did you get a haircut?" - Rachel

"It's called rain, darling." - Jesse E.

"Looks like someone needs to measure his numbers." - Jodi

"Don't you mean 'number my measures'?" - Shiloh

"... AUGH!!" - Jodi

"Time to measure my numbers... I mean meas-- aw!" - Madi

"Did you just say 'measure your numbers?'" - me

"Yep." - Madi

"It's not supposed to be a creeper song!" - Shiloh

"It sounded like you said something about 'sunscreen.'" - Shiloh

"WHAT!? How did you get THAT!? Geez, and I thought I couldn't hear you!" - me

"Is there anything more useless than cheerleaders at a softball game?" - Mr. C

"Are they having trouble breaking through or something?" - Shiloh

"Looks like this reed and I are blood brothers now." - Shiloh

"Bari saxes, I can't hear you!" - Mr. Christian

"Hey, guys, we're penguins!" - Caitlin

"Don't forget the crack cookies!" - various clarinets


The Lunch Table

Scott's stack of sandwich containers falls.

"Timber." - Nick

"No, plastic." - Shiloh

"Jesse!" - Nick

"James!" - Shiloh

"Oh COME ON!!!" - me

"There actually are moments when I talk quietly and no one can understand what I'm saying. I know it's hard to believe!" - me

"Yes, it is!" - Shiloh

*mock offended look*shove* - me

"Dude, you're white as crap!" - Emma (to James)

"I have something to say to that but I don't know if I should." - Shane (to me)

"Say it if you want to." - me

"Since when is crap white?" - Shane

I was doubled over for the next two minutes laughing so hard I nearly cried. XD



"If you haven't gotten to second base with someone on an Orbit, you're doing it wrong." - Chris D.

"Clarinets, don't make the cat-killing sounds." - one of my band directors

"Ah, the trill thing!" - Dr. McClellan

"I aspire to be as fearless as a UGA squirrel."

"We're in island time. We're not high." - Mr. Robert

"But that's my Ramsey quarter..."

"It's gotta be like... molto pissed off-o." - Mr. Bawcum

"Because Mickey Mouse doesn't come out at a funeral." - Mr. Bawcum

"Shut up, Cal! I'm trying! These are stupid stairs!"

"You gotta think about that poor planet. It was just out there minding its own business and now it's got people spying on it." - Professor Shelton

"Is Top Gun a musical?" - Shiloh

"Hiveyo Beesazaki!" - Jackson

"I need to keep all the salt out or I will desiccate like a slug." - Professor Carter

“He looks more like a golf ball than a golfer.” – Ashley

“Hey, our fucking with chemicals will save lives!”

“At least I'm wearing a shirt!”


Movies & TV Shows

"Eat shield, stabby!" - Pete Lattimer (Warehouse 13)

"Congratulations, you were almost killed by an artifact, you are now officially a Warehouse agent." - Myka Bering (Warehouse 13)

"If that little nerd got his hands on an artifact I'll kill him!" - Artie Nielsen (Warehouse 13)

"I reject your reality and substitute my own!" - Adam Savage (Mythbusters)

"What am I, your house elf?" - Nikola Tesla

"Thank you, Dobby!" - Helen Magnus (Sanctuary)

"So you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman half your age?" - Edmund Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian)

"ARRGH, Jungle Cat down!!" - Marty Deeks (NCIS: LA)

"They stole the Fist of Capitalism? Anyone check up the ass of socialism?" - Rick Castle (Castle)

"We're too fat, we don't fly!" - random Wipeout contestant

"Thank God for clarinet lessons!" - Flynn Carson (The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines)

"Did you call me a selfish bastard?" - Holmes

"Probably." - Watson (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows)

"Is the parking brake on?" - Captain Pike (Star Trek)

"Green-blooded hobgoblin!" - Doctor McCoy (Star Trek)

"Told you we'd fit!" - Kirk

"I do not think that qualifies." - Spock (Star Trek Into Darkness)

"I'm going... on an adventure!" - Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey)

"See? Younger brothers aren't that bad, eh?" - Takuya to Kouji (Digimon Frontier)

Biggest foreshadowing EVER.

"It's a combat skirt!" - Weiss Schnee (RWBY)


Lanphier's AMAZING 2nd Block 2010-2011

"You're gonna need a red bull for this one!" - Tanner

"Just because you can't see the explosion, doesn't mean you can't have cancer." - Jacob

"Most men don't call things cute." - Adam

"Most men who aren't comfortable with their sexuality don't." - Mr. Lanphier

"Ouch." - me

"OMG, Lizzie, my finger's bleeding!" - Adam


(The "blood" was really a red marker. XD)



"Hey, Mr. Germanson- I mean Mr. Goranson!" - Spencer

"You've been Spencered!" - inside joke



"I have this sponge..." - Cysero

"NO!" - Warlic, Artix, Hero (DragonFable)

"I could've done that blindfolded." - Roxas (Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days)



"You punish liars? In our world we elect them to public office." - Walter Foley (Oracles of Fire series, Book 3 Last of the Nephilim)

"NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" - Molly Weasley (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

"Got that gun?" - Peter

"No, I thought I'd shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs." - Tobias

"Shut up." - Peter (Insurgent)



"Be who you wanna be; don't give a crap what others think." - me

"If you want to fight, use your own fists. Not others'." - Pyro

"People told me I can't dress like a fairy. I told them, 'I'm in a rock band and I can do whatever the hell I want.'" - Amy Lee

"If I never met you, I wouldn't like you. If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you. If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do, and I will." - Unknown

"They're Cylons, they have a plan." - Daddy

"Yeah, you wish I was a Cylon. Then there would be more of me, and the world would be a better place." - me

"It's funny - most people can be around someone and then gradually begin to love them and never know exactly when it happened." - Anonymous

"A best friend is a matter of opinion. It is the person who has been there for you through everything, not just through the fun things, or the little things. It is the person that you call when you are at your absolute worst. It is the person who saves you when you didn't even notice that you needed saving. Mostly it is the person who accepts you for who you are, and the person that you are becoming." - Anonymous

"Anna, did you take some of Brice's crack this morning?" - Lyndsay

"I have a paper clip in my leg!" - Sharon

"Jacob, you're actually not very intimidating right now." - Mrs. Moeller

"It's like a baby koala bear going "RAWR!" - Ida

"I think the family with the least amount of incest was the house of Troy." - Ida

"Is that in Alabama?" - Logan

"Do you kids know why I have an iron in here today?" - Mr. Pierce

"Because we're doing a lesson on iron-y today?" - Ben

"The weather is my boyfriend! Don't you even go there!" - Sharon

"He used eloquent speeches to garner support - like I do with women." - Scotty

"Liars have a special place in hell." - Caleb

"Then I'll see you there." - Scotty

"You get the tissues, I'll get the gun." - Dr. Kemp

"How much noise does a baton make?" - Colonel Bankhead

"A baton don't make no noise." - random percussionist

"Depends on where you stick it!" - Colonel Bankhead

The answer to a trivia question was "iron."

"Oh my gosh, there's a periodic table right THERE! The iron-y of the situation!" - Jack

We were having a conversation on how students are treated in school.

"Yeah, we wanna encourage kids to be creative, but when they actually are we shoot 'em down." - me

"So it's like the government?" - Tessa

"Why are they playing ZZ Top?" - Scotty

"Because everyone likes a sharp-dressed man." - Josh C.

"so what's the piano range on those teeth?" - Merol

"Missile Woof"


My sweet wonderful incredible sister:


Srsly go check her out, she's not super active bc she's a real art student now but her art is awesome and she's just a super sweet awesome person and I am so lucky to have grown up with her.

Favourite Visual Artist
Vincent van Gogh, John Jude Palencar, Leonid Afremov
Favourite Movies
Quest for Camelot, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter
Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, Digimon, Doctor Who
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Evanescence, RED, We Are The Fallen, Chameleon Circuit, Skillet, One-Eyed Doll, Noctura, VersaEmerge, Two Steps From Hell, Ashes Remain, Lindsey Stirling, Nima Fakhrara
Favourite Books
The Hiding Place, Dragons In Our Midst/Oracles of Fire, Divergent, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Inheritance Cycle, The Hunger Games
Favourite Writers
Bryan Davis, Veronica Roth, J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, C. S. Lewis, Christopher Paolini
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts, Detroit: Become Human, DragonFable, Pokémon, Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation, Nintendo 64 Gamecube
Tools of the Trade
MMD, Paint.NET, GIMP, Microsoft Word, my imagination
Other Interests
reading, singing, drawing, daydreaming, writing songs and stories, computer, anime, Homestuck (all the waaaayyyyy!)
what even is uploading art to this site anymore LUL
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TWEWY right about now: I LIVED BITCH
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Happy Birthday! ^_^
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Hey, Kat... by chance are you still doing Archetwist?
Cause if you are - I've got something for you.

As much as I love it, it's not my AU. It belongs to @Dakt37, and she hasn't updated it for a bit (which is totally fine btw, i know how fickle inspiration can be lmao). Also my interest has been squarely in the Detroit: Become Human zone, and on top of that I'm a moderator for one of the actors' Discord server, so I'm just busy XD

Ah, alright.
I was just asking cause I've acquired a Xion Dark Mode model and I thought you might want it to make a picture for Dakt37.
Happy Birthday to you! ^^
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