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We Weren't Even Testing For That PRINT

My lovely watercolor painting that I did a couple of months ago, except all prettied up in Photoshop! Will be available as a print in my Storenvy shop soon. Until then, if you like it favorite and share on facebook: or reblog on tumblr when I get it posted there. :3 

This is watercolor/photoshop mixed media!

Pre-order a high quality print here!
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Oooooohh, looking good! So fond of GlaDos, and indeed very fond of this piece too. For a big fan of the game, I can say that this is, well, very much like her. The simple background is really working out here, and the few wires dangling around somewhere behind her is full of good effect too. Splendid attention paid to the various lights here and there, giving this piece the extra spark. 

Thank you for reminding me of the good times I had playing both games C= I appreciate reminiscence, and this definitely did it for me. Going to check out the watercolour version soon! 
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I never uploaded the plain watercolor on the internet, so I'm afraid this is all there is to look at. I'm glad you like it, and I used a reference to make sure it really looked like GlaDos!

Make sure you check out the print on Storenvy - link above. It's only $10 + something like $5 shipping or so.
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Ah, alright ^^ 
Thanks for the reference to link C=
Will you be at Para-con this year? I may just pick this up! ^_^
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I will be at Paracon, and would LOVE for you to buy a print there. :)
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I love the smooth transitions between shadows and light areas, awesome work!
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Thank you! Watercolor is a challenge, but I love the effect.
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Fantastic attention to detail. She looks absolutely fabulous here!
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Thanks! Robots aren't my forte, so I had to use a reference, but it was a lot of fun! :D
Ooh...!   VERY amazing work, so glad to see more non-humanized :iconportal2gladosplz: since nothing and I mean NOTHING beats her original design, seriously...! <3    So faved ^-^
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I like humanized GlaDos, too. I'd love to cosplay as her someday, but I want contacts and LEDs and a voice changer so it takes a bit more investment than I'm ready to do at the moment. But her original design is a classic for sure!
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; V ; why isnt this more popular???
This is amazing! You did a brilliant job!
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Probably because you commented only an hour after being uploaded. ;D Thank you!
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Still! >:O!!
Needs more favessss
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I love this! Glados was my favorite character because she had such a great sense of sarcasm!
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I was reading through her quotes to find a title and I freakin love her. Every one of her lines is gold.
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