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SS Oolong Tea



Species: Peafowl-Friesian 

Gender: Stallion

Color: Charcoal 

Mane: Solid Mane

Markings/Mutations/Oddities: N/A


------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown

----------------- SS: Starter

------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown

Sire: Nyx*

------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown

----------------- SD: Starter

------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Starter

----------------- DS: Ravenwest's Paz*

------------------------------------------ DSD: Starter

Dam: Alaula

------------------------------------------ DDS: Starter

----------------- DD: Silver's Sona*

------------------------------------------ DDD: Starter#
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Breedings (Unlimited):
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Bullet; Purple Come on Eileen Bullet; Purple SpuddyZombie
Bullet; Blue EHG Diego Bullet; Blue Drache-Lehre 
Bullet; Blue Pleiades Bullet; Blue TalonV

Oolong is a good, robust boy. Sometimes he comes off as a bit strong for some folks, but that's just because he's a big stallion and sometimes doesn't know his own strength. Brace yourself and don't leave him brewing in the stable for too long, and you'll be fine.

More Art:
Hayleywolf Payment
In House Breedings
Reading Tea Leaves
Reading Tea Leaves by daughterofthestars

Original Design: foal

Designer: luckdown

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:bulletblack: Offspring of SS Oolong Tea :bulletblack:

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[Peafowl Friesian] Master Passion Greed

Master Passion Greed owned by @Veiltanz

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