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RoA Round 1: Page 1


Yeah, the first page is pretty but I got very little done besides this one. Get ready for a torrential upload of pages, since this round is due tomorrow.

I'm actually pretty impressed with myself, I didn't think this page would turn out this good. I wish coloring didn't take so long.

And finally, a look at what that orb actually looks like.

I just realized that if Ralph is the one who rolled it onto the table, it's rolling the wrong way. Brilliant.
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Ooh, this is cool. Is Ralph the dog/wolfish creature? And who is the person with Blondish hair? (p.s. also, what is the story??).
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Ralph is a fox-dude. A cross fox with three colors.

Did you read my audition? It introduces Ralph's character. The other characters on this page are new and as of yet unnamed. The blonde is the dealer. She has a character design but I never got a chance to show her whole body. Maybe later in the story she'll play a bigger part, cause I rather like her.

The audition really introduces the story better than I would, but basically Ralph and his buddies are the bad guys and their motivation is greed. Kirk and his friends are the good guys. :)
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hm, but where are they? And what is the plot? (sorry to be so inquisitive, it just seems really good and I wanna know).
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Well, they're on... you know... a planet somewhere. By the poker and pool table, I'd guess a shady bar. I know I didn't do a great job on the setting the scene part, but the logical conclusion is that Ralph is visiting a common haunt where he and his friends hang out and they're plotting sabotage.
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hm, I guess I'd have to read on to discover what race they speak of.
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Well... no. You kind of have to read backwards. You know, the audition? What is actually the first chapter of Kirk's story?
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ah, I don't know if I'll have time to do that. *sigh* I don't know that either. I seem ignorant.
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If you go to my gallery and click on the folder that says "Race of Aleria" it not only has the pages of this chapter, but also the chapter before it which sets up and introduces the main plot and characters.

The first chapter is 25 pages, hardly a thick read.
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I love the characters : D
And the coloring is great.
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