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Race of Aleria - Kirk

For #Race-of-Aleria

Name: Kirk

Age: Sixteen Years

Gender: Male

Species: Smilynx Puma, one of a handful of intelligent big cat species from his home world.

Height: 44 inches at the shoulder, 1018 lbs

Abilities/Skills: Limited magic. Glows firey yellow and temporarily increases his strength and stamina (about 30 seconds). Can also create a small flame above his head for dark situations. Touching the magic on his paws or above his head feels like a mild shock.

:bulletyellow: His size and muscle give him brute strength. When increased with magic, he can shift things two to three times his weight.
:bulletyellow: He is the opposite of "easily distracted." When he has a goal, he is utterly focused and not easily tricked away from it.
:bulletyellow: Talkbot sometimes has surprisingly good ideas.

:bulletblue: Communication is difficult, as explained in Mannerisms.
:bulletblue: He has no mode of manipulating small objects, having only blunt paws and a large mouth with which to carry things. Even talkbot only has two clamping hands, so small manipulation is a set-back. Things such as keyboards, small tools, etc are a hindrance to Kirk. If he can get around the small item using brute force (busting a door versus putting in the password), he will.
:bulletblue: The same circumstances that rendered Kirk mute have also had a lasting affect on his lungs. Having not much stamina to begin with, his stamina is now very low, and even a short run will leave him struggling for breath. He tries to win battles quickly, as exerting himself for too long will result in him tiring.
:bulletblue: He's not a sprinter. He only runs when he has too, because he tires so quickly. He'll avoid a foot-race if he can, simply because he isn't that great at it.

Personality: Losing many of his friends and relatives in the destruction of his home world has left its mark on Kirk. He is emotionally distant and does not make friends easily. Not a strategist, he has very clear goals and takes the straightest route. He hates wasting time and while he is not extremely fast, he is extremely steady. Uses his muteness as an excuse not to talk to people.

Mannerisms: He cannot speak for himself beyond facial expression and gestures, and Talkbot often misinterprets him or interjects its own ideas. Talkbot can read his basic thoughts, but can express those thoughts in any way it chooses.

History: Kirk's real name is not Kirk. Talkbot named him after Captain Kirk and thinks very highly of his new owner. "Kirk" was one of the very few survivors of the destruction of his home world, Labreatar. The circumstances were very nearly apocalyptic due to a mistake made by the governmental council, one of the members of which was Kirk's relative. In the chaos, Kirk found himself in a fire, and inhaled flames and smoke. He and a few others of the various species of the world managed to escape, and as he recovered it became apparent he could no longer speak, and his lungs were damaged, leaving him short of breath after minor exertion.
He heard of the Race of Aleria and considers it the solution to his peoples' troubles. Traveling to Aleria, he purchased Talkbot by bartering away his sole possession.

If he wins the race and the glory, he will have made up for his relative's mistake in the council, as well as won the money with which to create the foundations of a new home for his people, to buy back the thing he bartered away for Talkbot, and to pay for a surgery/technology to get his own voice back. He would regain everything he lost and bring glory back to his kind.


Name: Talkbot

Age: Previously Owned (Used)

Gender: None

Species: Bot

Size: "Small" - 10 inches with head and legs extended.

Abilities: Interprets Kirk by way of a wireless chip tuned into his thoughts. It often gives its own advice to Kirk, sometimes with surprisingly good ideas. Its arms can extend or retract to various lengths. The jewel in the middle glows when it is voicing its own thoughts or speaking for Kirk.

He can also pick up a few radio stations and television stations.

Personality: Very excitable and enthusiastic, but generally has no idea what anybody is doing. Constantly moving about unless its attached around Kirk's neck. It is easily distracted, and shifts through emotions quickly. Thinks very highly of its owner, but if it feels insulted it might call Kirk "Puspelt" which he does not find amusing.

Mannerisms: Its one personal interest is science fiction. Huge fan of earth stories like Starwars and Startrek, as well as the fictions on his own planet. His hero is Captain Kirk, showing how highly he thinks of his new owner.

"Wow! You're just like the great courageous intrepid CAPTAIN KIRK!" - Talkbot
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wolf-dominion's avatar
hmmm... I like Kirk. He's an interesting character and I'm excited to draw him... but lets just say I need lottsa practice on drawing felines. >.<

I wanted to mention a few things just in case youre already working on your next round:
Chigi did not lose his eye in the last round. He got what is called Hyphema. (where his eye is bruised, so it appears very dark and black like 2D from Gorillaz, but he is not blind)
-He was also burned on his left shoulder blade pretty badly from Quentin's electricity.
(I wanted to mention these so that you knew how/what to draw him like for your round.)

Also feel free to ask anyone questions concerning Chigi. ^^ Good luck for the next round.
daughterofthestars's avatar
Thanks. Even I have trouble with his body shape sometimes. It's evolved a little from these initial drawings of him.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know about Chigi! I suppose in return I can tell you that his hind left leg is probably still a little sore from getting shot, but Talkbot should be working perfectly.

Thanks again! I'll be sure to come calling if I have a question. Good luck to you too!
magpies-cupcake's avatar
I think i know were Lebreatar comes from :D
dragonfurry's avatar
I do hope you get chosen. Your character stuck in my head, so I'm hoping that if he stays with one, he would stay in other's heads too.
daughterofthestars's avatar
Thanks so much! That's really nice of you. I hope he gets chosen, too. I just gotta draw his audition.
MergebyLie's avatar
He turned out awesome my friend. Sorry it took me so long to see it.

I especially love Talkbot, I wonder if it will call Mar-Lynn on her red-shirtedness. XD
daughterofthestars's avatar
Yay thank youuuu.

I'm pretty excited.
DarkTail67's avatar
...that would be hillarious, actually :'D
MergebyLie's avatar
It would make perfect sense though right? X3
DarkTail67's avatar
It would, ja :'D
haa, Labreatar. I wonder where that comes from. >.>
daughterofthestars's avatar
*chuckle* Don't give it away! It makes a good planet name, though, right?
*sigh* fine...I won't. As a planet name I do like it though.
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