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If I had any coding skills, I would actually make the games floating around in my head. Pokemon/Sailor Moon crossovers. Real original, right? :hmm: But they would be different from the main Pokemon games.

In the games (the original and the sequel or sequels), you play as Chibi-Usa/Rini. (It would be Rini, because these would be English games, but I think of the characters with their Japanese names. ^^;) Your Pokemon start at level 5 and are locked to your party. In the original, because you've traveled back in time, just like Spiky-Eared Pichu they can't evolve. However, they also can't gain experience or happiness. Your job is to go back in time and help Ami/Amy, Rei/Raye, Makoto/Lita, Minako/Mina, and of course Usagi/Serena to fix the timeline by defeating members of the Black Moon Clan. Two-on-one battling has your useless Pokemon (all of them Normal-type, and 5/6 baby Pokemon) helping one of your current partner's Pokemon to defeat a single opponent. Almost all your moves are status moves, and (again, explained away by time travel) your Pokemon can't learn TMs or HMs (and there is no move tutor). The opposite is true for the few battles fought in the future: your friends' Pokemon can't gain experience or happiness, or learn new moves or evolve (although yours can). So you'd better get them leveled up before they travel to the future for the final few battles! :blahblah:

As well as grunts (here called drones), the Ayakashi Sisters and Rubeus are battled in the past. Esmeraude, Sapphire, Dimande, and Wiseman are all fought in the future... as well as Black Lady! Black Lady is YOU, from an alternate future in which the Black Moon Clan has won. Setsuna/Trista shows up and tries to beat her, but fails. So before defeating Wiseman, you must first help Usagi/Serena defeat yourself.

The past contains Pokemon Centers/PokeMarts where you can get free healing, and in the future you can heal your party(s) by visiting the trapped future Usagi/Serena in the Crystal Palace. Mamoru/Darien's only battle is against Rubeus. Future Mamoru/Darien occasionally appears around the Crystal Palace to give advice. Everyone is in civilian clothes, as the Senshi don't exist in this universe. When you are battling with a partner, his/her Pokemon's attacks are chosen at random from the four it knows. A two-on-one battle ends either when your partner's Pokemon faints or your opponent's does. You may switch your own Pokemon out during battle, if you so choose. All games in both series employ several event/custom sprite Pokemon from PokeFarm and novelty Pokemon from GPX+.

The game starts in the future with an attack on the Crystal Palace, where the Champion and Elite Four await challengers. Setsuna/Trista talks to you, the screen goes black, and you find yourself at Ilex Shrine. She gives you a Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing (no use in-game) and tells you to "go back and make things right". Celebi appears, and the player whites out. You wake up in a house surrounded by curious strangers: Ikuko-Mama, Kenji-Papa, Usagi/Serena, Shingo/Sammy, and Mamoru/Darien. Usagi/Serena and Mamoru/Darien take you aside and speak to you.

The sequel involves going back in time again, this time with the base forms of the Pokemon you started with (ie, Jigglypuff instead of Igglybuff), to help defeat the Dead Moon Circus. You get a Clear Bell, which does summon Suicune, although he acts as a partner Pokemon in a single two-on-one battle rather than as a wild Pokemon to be caught. The Clear Bell can be used in any location, but only works once, so save it for one of the final few battles, if you can. Michiru/Michelle also has an AuroraTicket, which will let you get to Full Moon Island, encounter Cresselia, and find the Lunar Wing. If you are in possession of the Lunar Wing during the final boss battle, Cresselia will be your partner Pokemon against Nehellenia/Nephrenia's Darkrai. :omg:

The other version of these games takes place entirely in the future. Your party is made up of the same level 5 Normal-types as the first game (Happiny, Togepi, etc.) but now they can evolve and accrue happiness and experience. They can also learn TMs and HMs (although HMs aren't needed to get anywhere or complete the storyline), as well as learning moves through the normal level-up method. There are eight gym leaders, the Elite Four, and a Champion to defeat. The gym leaders and their specialties are, in order: Jadeite/Jedite (rock), Nephrite/Nephlite (ghost), Zoisite/Zoycite (ground), Kunzite/Malachite (dark), Mamoru (fighting), Haruka/Amara (flying), Michiru/Michelle (water), and Setsuna/Trista (time and space). No, "time and space" isn't a new type, it just represents the Pokemon she chooses to specialize in. Zoisite/Zoycite is male in these versions, as in the manga. You don't have a rival, but your shy, sickly friend Hotaru occasionally battles you with her Absol for fun/training. Over the course of the game, you help her become more self-confident and outgoing.

The Elite Four and their types, in order, are: Ami/Amy (ice), Rei/Raye (fire), Makoto/Lita (electric), and Minako/Mina (love). Again, love isn't its own type, that's just the theme she uses. The Champion is, of course, Usagi/Serena, who specializes in Normal-type Pokemon. Since your Pokemon are locked to your party (you may battle wild Pokemon but not catch them), you should end up with almost exactly the same party as she does, with one difference: her Lopunny is the Sunnie (Lopunny) from PokeFarm, while yours starts as a normal--but shiny--Buneary which should eventually evolve into a normal-but-shiny Lopunny.

If you beat your mother, you become Champion of the region. Huzzah! :dance: Also you have to beat Shadow Galactica along the way. :noes:

The sequel is that Chibi-Usa/Rini has become Champion of the region. Haruka/Amara, Michiru/Michelle and Setsuna/Trista are still the last three gym leaders. Helios is the fifth gym leader. The Elite Four are Vesta (normal), Juno (fighting), Pallas (don't know yet) and Ceres (flowers). The Champion is an older Chibi-Usa/Rini. I'm... still working on who the first four gym leaders are (fourth will probably be Hotaru) and who the baddies might be. In this, you're a normal player character who can catch, evolve, switch out, etc. as normal. Neither of the games in these two series allows you to catch Legendary Pokemon, although the final boss in the first game has a Legendary in her service. :fear:

:phew: Well, that was a huge wall of text. Presumably none of you actually read any of it, but hey--it's good to get ideas down.
Are the carols getting to you yet? (They're everywhere. You can't escape.) I'm going to visit family, and we'll make stollen (German sweet bread) and annoy each other and eat too much and get unnecessary stuff we'll never use.

I love Christmas. :heart:
Lifted from KingModdie who doesn't know where she got it... so... © dA?

[  ] You have a hardy nature
[  ] You're a born leader
[  ] You're a charmer
[/]You have a great singing voice
[/] You love reptiles
Total: 1

[  ] You have a jolly nature
[  ] You are kind
[X] You love all animals
[/] You can keep a beat
[  ] You are true gentleman/lady
Total: 1.5

[/] You can be hot-headed
[/] You are short tempered
[  ] You go into a rage when you're mad
[  ] You hate going swimming
[  ] You're the bad boy/girl type
Total: 1

[/] You love to swim
[/] You have a lax nature
[/] You are a strong swimmer
[  ] You like soft jazz music
[  ] You can dance
Total: 1.5

[  ] You can take a hit or two
[X] You like shiny things
[/] You love/loved gems/metals
[  ]You have a bold nature
[  ] You have super hard bones
Total: 1.5

[x] Your head is always in the clouds
[/] You have a hasty nature
[/] You love flying
[  ] You can be intimidating for your size
[  ] You always feel like you're flying
Total: 2

[/] You love to play mind games with people
[X] You don't like to fight
[  ] You have a docile nature
[X] You love to play games
[/] You often run away from things
Total: 3

[  ] You are strong
[/] You are vain
[  ] You don't give up so easy
[  ] You love to fight
[  ] You have a bold nature
Total: .5

[X] You love the shadows
[X] You don't get out much
[X] You have a bashful nature
[  ] You like to scare people
[  ] You love scary movies/shows
Total: 3

[X] You are a lone wolf
[  ] You have an impish nature
[X] You're not a social person
[X] You don't get along with people
[/] You listen to heavy music like metal or hard rock
Total: 3.5

[X] You know a lot of things
[X] You have a naive nature
[X] You stand out easily
[/] You love all music
[  ] You can do anything if you put your mind to it
Total: 3.5

[  ] You have a relaxed nature
[  ] You love bugs
[  ] You love country music
[/] You can play a stringed instrument
[  ] You're peaceful
Total: .5

[  ] You have a serious nature
[/] You can play a drum like instrument
[X] You're hard headed
[  ] You're big
[  ] You have/had a solid relationship
Total: 1.5

[  ] You have a cold heart
[  ] You love cold weather
[  ] You love cold food/drinks
[  ] You've broken someone's heart
[  ] Someone has broken your heart
Total: 0

[/] You have a rash nature
[  ] You kill things a lot
[  ] You don't listen to that much music.
[X] You don't have good plans or strategies
[/] You often hide in the shadows
Total: 2

I am... Normal/Dark :? Okay, sure, why not. Pointless pigeonholing FTW! :w00t:
:omg: Just a tremor in our area, but I've just lived through my first major geologic event! :D Apparently there was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in the DC area, felt all the way up in New York (or so the news says). :sherlock: The house and the bookcases rattled a bit. At first I thought it was insanely strong winds, but I looked outside and the trees were barely moving. :ohmygod: Then I realized, "Oh, it must be an earthquake." So that was cool! And when I went downstairs to check on the cat, she just blinked at me and went back to sleep. On top of the clean laundry. :lmao: Oh well :roll:
I just finished reading the second book in Kristen Britain's Green Rider series, "Call of the First Rider". It was quite good. :D But the end made me sad. :( I wondered, was this going to turn out like "The King's Damosel"? :noes: No! I'd stop reading the series before I stood for that!

So I went to Wikipedia and looked up the series. :paranoid: ... Apparently the next book is reminiscent of "Forever..." and its sequels, by Jude Devereaux, in which--well, I don't want to spoil it. :shh: But I didn't like the way things turned out there, or the ending of "The Pearl of the Soul of the World", by Meredith Ann Pierce, for similar reasons. And yeah, maybe I'm too hung up on classic happy endings and the main couple getting together despite sociopolitical obstacles. :love: Maybe what I view as a cheap cop-out is, in fact, an ingenious narrative device.

That doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm saddened by this turn in what was (and, really, still is) a promising high fantasy series, not because the story is lacking, but because I'm a sap for the whole "amor vincet omnia" thing. :shrug: As you may have guessed, I'm not a big fan of "Romeo and Juliet" either, though that's mostly because the main characters are reckless, hormonal idiots. :facepalm: No matter how well-written a story is, if it doesn't have a happy ending, I'm not a big fan. Like "Harry Potter" or "Van Helsing", or some others I could mention. (I'm looking at you, Marion Zimmer Bradley! How could you end such a masterpiece so tragically?! I don't care if it's canon! :tantrum:)

In summary, it's an awesome series, so if you like high fantasy, you should totally check it out. :nod: It's a mark of how real the characters are that the occasional heart-wrenching/warming scenes are so effective. :faint: If you need happy or at least upbeat endings, I recommend just reading the first book for now. We'll see what happens when "Blackveil" comes out...
(If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's this…)

It looks fantastic, from what I've seen of screenshots and OCs made with it. :D But when I try to play it... well, I'll show you:…

I use Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Safari 3.1.5, I believe. Yes, Java is on, cookies are on, etc. But I don't know why I can't use the game, and I wouldn't know how to fix whatever is wrong even if I did. :( EDIT: According to generalzoi, it isn't stopping on the proper frame. So this is me, ranting about the lack of pony in my life (at least until Season 2 comes out).

In other news, I have archaeology summer classes lined up! Yay!
Yes, I am (finally) moving all those dolls into the Scrapbook. Because, you know, there's any hurry :roll: And then all that will be left will be the crappy stuff I actually made on my own. :paranoid: Bleh. But, it had to be done. Eventually. :shrug:
There is a member of DA (MaX---DeAtH) who will fave something of yours. When you thank him, he will proceed to give the following reply:

"haha faving your work was not a problem at all! I really like your work, i'll check out your gallery some more soon. OH can you do me a favour~? :3 If you help me out i'll help you out. Just go to youtube and then in the search bar, search "playstation 3 giveaway 2000 subscribers" and click the first video, it's mine. my name is maxmoefoe. It will be the top one. It's called "Playstation 3 Giveaway - 2000 Subscribers! - Win a PS3" I just uploaded the video and was wondering if you could do all the stuff it says in the video to enter! (don't worry, if you win i'll get your details through a personal message, it won't be on the internet) in return I will link some youtube friends and a few friends i have online on deviant art right now to your page. YOUR art is good, i want to help you get it out there anyway. You will surely get more pageviews and probably some more faves!
(don't mention DeviantART on youtube, if you want you can just tell me your youtube name HERE so i know it's you ^__^) OH and last thing, ON MY VIDEO, to the right side of the screen you will see an add, i'm not TELLING you to click it...but i do make money when you click it and not many people click it. :( JUST SAYING.

SORRY for such a long comment D: i get carried away hahah

P.S Don't forget to subscribe

He will reply exactly like this TO EVERYONE. As far as I know, this isn't a reportable offense--it's just rude. :paranoid: I doubt many people read my journal, but I figured I should say it. When I first got this reply, I was touched... then annoyed... then suspicious. So I checked his profile, and YES, he gives the exact same reply to everyone. That hurt :sniff: I know I'm no good at art, but it felt good for the ten seconds I thought someone really liked it.

I guess this is all very melodramatic and silly, but... he did it again. So I'm not listening to the same spiel this time, I'm going to post what he did in a journal. This journal. And maybe someone will read it and know that when :iconmax---death: gives you a :+fav:, he is only trying to scam you.
... not that we haven't been following it for months anyway. :paranoid: I'm pleased with some of the new Pokemon, but I'm still waiting for a few ideas to be used. Here are some:

panda (grass-type would be best)
Aztec-, Maya-, or Mexico-inspired
steel-type tiger (either white, or with a white shiny sprite)
pre-evo for Tauros/Miltank
couatl (legendary Mesoamerican feathered serpent)
the prehistoric insect that was trapped in the Old Amber after sucking an Aerodactyl's blood
neutral version of minun/plusle
an alternate evo for Paras if it gets rid of the fungus and matures properly (like Wormadam vs. Mothim)
alter Poochyena/Mightyena so they actually look like hyenas
Cerberus-like evo for Houndoom
resist the urge to have monkeys evolve into apes or mollusks evolve into fish, & vice-versa
a set of scales
bring back Charmander's spikes
some kind of evil ghost clown

... aaaand that's it for now. :aww:
I read "Lost Silver" recently, and got interested in nightmare fuel and creepypasta (but only for Pokémon). If I had any real artistic talent, I'd design HeartlessGold and SoullessSilver logos and mascots. (Yes, that's my idea. Yes, someone else has probably already come up with it. No, I don't want to know. Let me have my little illusions.) SoullessSilver's mascot might be Shadow Lugia... but I'm not sure what I'd do with Ho-oh. It's something to think about, anyway.

Also, I finally got a job! Whee! :D As a tutor in Spanish. I'll have to take Spanish Composition next semester, to keep in shape, as it were.
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...from Italy! It's 4:30 am and my body thinks it's 10 am! Ha ha! Ha... :faint: God, I'm tired. I actually got back yesterday afternoon... I think... I picked up a cold a few days ago... guh... :cough: By dose is all stuffy! :sneeze: And the camera got stolen three days before the end of the trip :fear: So no pictures for DA :noes: On the other hand, I met lots of stray cats :D And I got to see famous archaeological sites (but not Vesuvius, because the guides were on strike :tantrum:).

My trip was: Pisa, Mestre, Venezia, Napoli, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Roma. Whee! :boogie: I tried gelato, and I bought a mask for their Carnival thing that I'll decorate someday ^^; I went to the Forum, and the Coliseum, and Il Duomo and the Leaning Tower (which looks very silly) and took a boat in Venezia. Also, there were pidgeons. Many, many pidgeons. And parrots! :O_o: I had no idea parrots lived there. There was also a strange abundance of palm trees...

I discovered succo d'arancia rossa, which I believe is blood orange juice. It's goooood :nod: Of course, I have practically no money left in my bank account due to having just visited ITALY :paranoid: Oh well. Maybe the tutoring office will hire me this semester.

I ate lunch at the Westin Excelsior in Roma, visited the Napoli Archaeological Museum (including the Cabinet of Secrets), went to the Museum of Musical Instruments, and walked FOR FREAKING EVER to glance blearily at the Sistine Chapel before being herded out. I didn't go into St. Peter's Basilica, because I'd been in about a million churches by then and the line was a mile long. I did visit the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps... apparently Bernini had a thing for stealing Egyptian obelisks and turning them into Graeco-Roman monuments.

For those who are wondering: no, Italian trains are not consistently well-labeled or on time or even properly categorized. But at least they have a decent public transportation system. :hmm: However, they take their dogs EVERYWHERE. Trains, shops, museums, hotels--and they're (almost) all froufy little yip-yips owned by dressy European women over 40.

I did have a fairly good time, though. Now if I could only breathe properly...
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* ahem* I'd just like to say I'm a little anxious about my upcoming finals. :paranoid: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to screaming in mindless panic.

My tummy does not feel good... :puke: I have a stomach bug that sent me to the bathroom several times, I got a headache from the perfume of the girl sitting next to me this morning, and I didn't get to present my project to comp class. :ohnoes: And yet, I'm not as bummed as I might be. :shrug: Go figure, huh? Anyway, I should be better tomorrow, just in time for the practical part of my participation/observation anthro project. Also, I got some very spiffy presents for my birthday which I never mentioned :D like a dagger and a West Nile plushie (to go with the flu and common cold plushies). In other news, I've made friends with a geo major, and have yet to get a job :paranoid: Seven applications in three (okay, two and a half) months, for jobs for which I know I'm qualified, and still nothing. Piffle. I'll get one eventually, I guess. Maybe someday I could TA for philosophy, history, or anthro. That would be cool :plotting: Hee hee...
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... is scary! :fear: I'm currently trying to get a job at my university that's basically copy-editing :w00t: Of course, they may only give the position to seniors, majors, or some other class of student (ha ha, CLASS :slamhead:) that I don't belong to. :shrug: I guess if I'm going to be an academic-type, I'll have to get used to their petty political maneuvering and favoritism. :paranoid: So this is me wishing me good luck, and (if I'm really lucky) an interview! ^^;
Yay! :party: I made it in Graphic Converter :D I just made a blue-black background, slapped a lenticular halo and a sunbeam on it, and added "DoB" in the corner, then shrank it down. So it doesn't look fancy; who cares? I have an avi and it's mine and it's original! :boogie: Yippee!
:O_o: So... I got challenged by darklordoni :shrug: Okay, here goes:


1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favourite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favourite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

*I'm banking on the unlikelihood of this. :blush:
:jawdrop: I just searched "kitten" on DA. :faint: Eeee, the fluffies! * dies of cuteness overload* :love: I'm slightly afraid to go past the first page, or search (dare I say it) "cute kitten". Or any number of other small cuddly animals--like hedgehogs! :paranoid: What?

In other news, I :yawn: * smack smack* Beg your pardon. I stayed up a bit late. I... hm. Apparently I can use any journal skin for free, "for a limited time only!!!!" Cool. Let's see if it works.
So Generation V is coming out. What new Pokemon will be revealed (besides Zorua and Zoroark)? Not that I have a GameBoy or anything, I just wonder. Also, the Global Pokedex Plus might get revamped, which would be annoying. Am I the only one out there, though, who has hopes of certain styles of Pokemon appearing in this generation? Surely not.
I would like to see a dolphin-based Pokemon, as well as a panda bear type. Pandas are very reasonable, I think; the next generation might well take place in their version of mainland China. Maybe one could be based on a big cat, like the white tiger. I can't say I'd be thrilled by another anthropomorphic Pokemon (unless it's Jynx's evolution, as in an amusing fancomic I recently read). A tanuki- or llama-based creature wouldn't go amiss.
Any thoughts? Hopes? Expectations? Or (as more and more is revealed) disappointments? I'd love to hear!
Ahaha... ha... * ahem* Right. So I finally got the courage to drag some of my pieces out of Scraps, and even bothered to upload a few new ones. Uncolored sketches are still in there, though. Maybe I'll pull them out one day. There's a few more scanned images I'll be putting up, and eventually I'll get a hold of the photos of my egg carton creatures.

... I crave trail mix.
... 'cause they're freaking everywhere!! :paranoid: Eh... sorry. ^^; So the little bloodsuckers are gonna be steamed to death. Muahahaha! :evillaugh: What really annoys me is the dozen or so bites on my feet and ankles. It's just not socially acceptable to pry off your sneakers and start scratching madly in the middle of a lecture. But... they itch so bad! Grr! Stupid little vampire wanna-bes...
I've seen a few crawling around (one at a time over several weeks) and I squish them, and then my fingers are all bloody, just like when you squish a mosquito that's recently fed. :furious: Fortunately, unlike mosquitos, fleas, and most other bloodsucking insects, beg bugs don't transmit diseases. Also, I'm not going into anaphylactic shock, so I doubt I'm allergic to whatever's in their saliva, either. Hooray. :sarcasticclap:
In other news, this winter (around January) I'll be going to Italy. * gleeful squeal* :eager: I'm going to Rome, and Pompeii, and maybe Venice or Naples or that place where they keep the Ice Man. I'm going with my father, so we're sharing the cost. It's mostly because we're such archaeologically-minded people, rather than saving money... Kind of a father-daughter bonding trip. :heart:
In light of this, we're taking Italian classes. I've had several years of Spanish and Latin, which is both good and bad, as those of you who have taken Romance languages can guess. :shrug: They're similar enough to make grammar and reading easy, but sometimes I slip up on pronunciation. Ah, well.
Soon I'll be uploading some more stuff (does anyone actually read this? :lmao:), including cute little crafts made from recycled material. When is Earth Day again? :?
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