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A Whole New World
"Shin-goooo!" Usagi Tsukino looked around as she scrambled up the rocks around Mt. Moon. "Where are you? It's dinner time!"
While Usagi didn't like to miss a meal—food had always been one of her top priorities—the truth was the sun had started to set, and she was getting worried about her dumb brother.
"Come on, Shingo, this isn't funny!"
When she received no response, the frustrated girl jumped to the ground and made her way around to the cave entrance. It was dark inside; she fished in her pocket for a flashlight and clicked it on, but the beam barely penetrated the pitch black interior.
"Uh… Shingo? You in here?" Usagi took a step toward the mouth of the cave. "You know we're not supposed to go inside Mt. Moon alone…"
Abruptly, the ground beneath her feet began to shake; she squealed, flailed her arms, and ended by falling spectacularly on her butt. What looked like a mound of dirt with eyes popped up from the earth and blinked at her.
Usagi breathe
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Just Another Day's Musing
Title: One Shot (#2) - “Just Another Day’s Musing”
Couple: V/B
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters, just love to write and draw about them :)

Bulma smiled as she watched her ten year old son practice katas in the back yard with his father. His movements were swift but graceful and he delivered each punch and kick with deadly force.  His face was the embodiment of pure concentration as he  practiced under the criticizing  gaze of his dad.
Vegeta was circling Trunks as he moved and Bulma could hear his gruff commands to their son. Eyes up. Focus. Toes out. Toes in. The list went on and on but to her dismay their son never wavered and proceeded to modify his stances to appease his father. Once in a while Vegeta would stop Trunks and demonstrate the proper pose and movement. Trunks seemed more than eager to learn and Bulma was amazed by the boy’s passion to fight.  But in the end sh
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Untamed- Chapter 1
“My Name is Vegeta”
The air grew tense. The immense beast raised his head, smelling the breeze along with his mate. The birds were utterly silent, a warning of danger in the woods. However, the only vaguely familiar smell belonged to a harmless animal that wouldn't offer any distress to the almighty langozaurs. After a few moments, the couple relaxed and returned to their grass meal.
Langozaurs were herbivorous, but they were also among the biggest creatures that inhabited the forsaken world. The number of predators that dared to risk their lives for their meat was very small.  This was especially true when it came for a couple, and the female was pregnant like that type. Pregnant female langozaurs released hormones that softened their meat, giving it a sweet taste.  The other chemical was a smell that put their mates on alert, causing them to be more protective. So they were supposed to be in relative safety. Or at
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I would love comments. Constructive criticism and other feedback is the only way I can improve, after all :D Many thanks to reviewers, llama-gifters, and my lovely watchers :heart: You guys are awesome.

Favourite genre of music: Celtic, pop, classic rock
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If I had any coding skills, I would actually make the games floating around in my head. Pokemon/Sailor Moon crossovers. Real original, right? :hmm: But they would be different from the main Pokemon games.

In the games (the original and the sequel or sequels), you play as Chibi-Usa/Rini. (It would be Rini, because these would be English games, but I think of the characters with their Japanese names. ^^;) Your Pokemon start at level 5 and are locked to your party. In the original, because you've traveled back in time, just like Spiky-Eared Pichu they can't evolve. However, they also can't gain experience or happiness. Your job is to go back in time and help Ami/Amy, Rei/Raye, Makoto/Lita, Minako/Mina, and of course Usagi/Serena to fix the timeline by defeating members of the Black Moon Clan. Two-on-one battling has your useless Pokemon (all of them Normal-type, and 5/6 baby Pokemon) helping one of your current partner's Pokemon to defeat a single opponent. Almost all your moves are status moves, and (again, explained away by time travel) your Pokemon can't learn TMs or HMs (and there is no move tutor). The opposite is true for the few battles fought in the future: your friends' Pokemon can't gain experience or happiness, or learn new moves or evolve (although yours can). So you'd better get them leveled up before they travel to the future for the final few battles! :blahblah:

As well as grunts (here called drones), the Ayakashi Sisters and Rubeus are battled in the past. Esmeraude, Sapphire, Dimande, and Wiseman are all fought in the future... as well as Black Lady! Black Lady is YOU, from an alternate future in which the Black Moon Clan has won. Setsuna/Trista shows up and tries to beat her, but fails. So before defeating Wiseman, you must first help Usagi/Serena defeat yourself.

The past contains Pokemon Centers/PokeMarts where you can get free healing, and in the future you can heal your party(s) by visiting the trapped future Usagi/Serena in the Crystal Palace. Mamoru/Darien's only battle is against Rubeus. Future Mamoru/Darien occasionally appears around the Crystal Palace to give advice. Everyone is in civilian clothes, as the Senshi don't exist in this universe. When you are battling with a partner, his/her Pokemon's attacks are chosen at random from the four it knows. A two-on-one battle ends either when your partner's Pokemon faints or your opponent's does. You may switch your own Pokemon out during battle, if you so choose. All games in both series employ several event/custom sprite Pokemon from PokeFarm and novelty Pokemon from GPX+.

The game starts in the future with an attack on the Crystal Palace, where the Champion and Elite Four await challengers. Setsuna/Trista talks to you, the screen goes black, and you find yourself at Ilex Shrine. She gives you a Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing (no use in-game) and tells you to "go back and make things right". Celebi appears, and the player whites out. You wake up in a house surrounded by curious strangers: Ikuko-Mama, Kenji-Papa, Usagi/Serena, Shingo/Sammy, and Mamoru/Darien. Usagi/Serena and Mamoru/Darien take you aside and speak to you.

The sequel involves going back in time again, this time with the base forms of the Pokemon you started with (ie, Jigglypuff instead of Igglybuff), to help defeat the Dead Moon Circus. You get a Clear Bell, which does summon Suicune, although he acts as a partner Pokemon in a single two-on-one battle rather than as a wild Pokemon to be caught. The Clear Bell can be used in any location, but only works once, so save it for one of the final few battles, if you can. Michiru/Michelle also has an AuroraTicket, which will let you get to Full Moon Island, encounter Cresselia, and find the Lunar Wing. If you are in possession of the Lunar Wing during the final boss battle, Cresselia will be your partner Pokemon against Nehellenia/Nephrenia's Darkrai. :omg:

The other version of these games takes place entirely in the future. Your party is made up of the same level 5 Normal-types as the first game (Happiny, Togepi, etc.) but now they can evolve and accrue happiness and experience. They can also learn TMs and HMs (although HMs aren't needed to get anywhere or complete the storyline), as well as learning moves through the normal level-up method. There are eight gym leaders, the Elite Four, and a Champion to defeat. The gym leaders and their specialties are, in order: Jadeite/Jedite (rock), Nephrite/Nephlite (ghost), Zoisite/Zoycite (ground), Kunzite/Malachite (dark), Mamoru (fighting), Haruka/Amara (flying), Michiru/Michelle (water), and Setsuna/Trista (time and space). No, "time and space" isn't a new type, it just represents the Pokemon she chooses to specialize in. Zoisite/Zoycite is male in these versions, as in the manga. You don't have a rival, but your shy, sickly friend Hotaru occasionally battles you with her Absol for fun/training. Over the course of the game, you help her become more self-confident and outgoing.

The Elite Four and their types, in order, are: Ami/Amy (ice), Rei/Raye (fire), Makoto/Lita (electric), and Minako/Mina (love). Again, love isn't its own type, that's just the theme she uses. The Champion is, of course, Usagi/Serena, who specializes in Normal-type Pokemon. Since your Pokemon are locked to your party (you may battle wild Pokemon but not catch them), you should end up with almost exactly the same party as she does, with one difference: her Lopunny is the Sunnie (Lopunny) from PokeFarm, while yours starts as a normal--but shiny--Buneary which should eventually evolve into a normal-but-shiny Lopunny.

If you beat your mother, you become Champion of the region. Huzzah! :dance: Also you have to beat Shadow Galactica along the way. :noes:

The sequel is that Chibi-Usa/Rini has become Champion of the region. Haruka/Amara, Michiru/Michelle and Setsuna/Trista are still the last three gym leaders. Helios is the fifth gym leader. The Elite Four are Vesta (normal), Juno (fighting), Pallas (don't know yet) and Ceres (flowers). The Champion is an older Chibi-Usa/Rini. I'm... still working on who the first four gym leaders are (fourth will probably be Hotaru) and who the baddies might be. In this, you're a normal player character who can catch, evolve, switch out, etc. as normal. Neither of the games in these two series allows you to catch Legendary Pokemon, although the final boss in the first game has a Legendary in her service. :fear:

:phew: Well, that was a huge wall of text. Presumably none of you actually read any of it, but hey--it's good to get ideas down.


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