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always make us cry

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requested by "PYFBTR" I HOPE YOU LIKE IT :D <3

the yellow and gray pony (Paulina) belongs to her.

the lion king belongs to Disney, mlp to hasbro.

made with paint tool sai
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Oh no Lion King my one weakness
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Panda-JennHobbyist Digital Artist

You know I was just thinking how I haven't seen TLK in a while. Perhaps I'm due.
Gorgeous pic!
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(I don't blame them.)

Dusk Shine: *shedding tears*
Sunset Glare: Great. Now I feel dead on the inside. :(
Starbeam Glamour: :( You and me both. 
AJ(Male Applejack): *sobbing*
Butterscotch: *silently crying*
Bubble Berry: :'(
Elusive: *crying*
Rainbow Blitz: *tries to keep himself from crying, but fails*
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Why is Applejack biting Twilight's horn? 
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That's her ear, not her horn. And I'd say she's biting it possibly out of a misguided attempt at keeping herself from crying.
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Was sent here by :iconpaulysentry:

Are people still crying at this scene?

It seems so moving, that even the rough and tumble Rainbow Dash is shedding tears. Into a tissue, no less! =P
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OMG, I love Lion King.
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Count-AuthorHobbyist Writer
I don't blame them....
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AnimeFanTomboyGirlStudent Digital Artist
Fortunately, I was not cry!
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MJDisneyGirlHobbyist General Artist
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PrinceEithan28Hobbyist General Artist
Simba should've fallowed his fathers orders than Scar.
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MelaGhiaHobbyist Digital Artist
shoramos con esa ecena D8
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why do people make Pinkie deflate over everything

she wouldn't deflate over a movie
she might cry, but she wouldn't deflate
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deflation art
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The lion king was awesome. Simba has the worst uncle ever. Great pic
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Admiral-Thunder-BoltHobbyist Traditional Artist
The movie was based off of the old Egyptian myth about Osiris, something I forget, and Seth. The characters all match up if you think about it,
Scar: Seth
Simba: Something I forget
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Admiral-Thunder-BoltHobbyist Traditional Artist
CRAP! How could I forget about Horus!?!?
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GySGtGibbsHobbyist General Artist
Lion King, best fucking movie Disney ever produced! Nothing else comes close!

Make them watch Band of Brothers next!
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XOXOjaydenHobbyist General Artist
Have them react to The Return Of The King or The Hobbit.
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Raven: Why's AJ, like, raising her head like that?
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