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FANTASTICO COMIX #1 1991 underground fanzine comic

I was inspired after grabbing a CRUEL MIX fanzine at my favorite comic/game/SF book store in Oslo in the late 80s and went to work on publishing my own. By 1990 the shop i discovered Dankert & Co's CRUEL MIX zine (Spillspesialisten) had folded and i hung at another shop nearby called FANTASTICO. I created the Fantastic 4 font by hand and printed the comic in 4 different colored covers ala the Dark Knight series that year, green, red, yellow and about 10 white "special demo" ones. I printed up about 150 of them and went to record shops and thrift comix shops and used book stores etc. and shopped them around. I must have sold about 30 of them. I had other artists contributing as well, Raymond Johansen and Tor Arne Hegnar. I used the comic as portfolio to get into Kubert School in 1992. These pages are from my Alan Moore inspired superhero story "Gods Descending" and "One Day At The Laboratory" stories, drawn with ink and pen and some zip a tone. Its not great but for an 18 year old stoned amateur i think its fun to look at still after all these years.
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