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FANTASTICO COMIX #1 1991 underground fanzine comic

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I was inspired after grabbing a CRUEL MIX fanzine at my favorite comic/game/SF book store in Oslo in the late 80s and went to work on publishing my own. By 1990 the shop i discovered Dankert & Co's CRUEL MIX zine (Spillspesialisten) had folded and i hung at another shop nearby called FANTASTICO. I created the Fantastic 4 font by hand and printed the comic in 4 different colored covers ala the Dark Knight series that year, green, red, yellow and about 10 white "special demo" ones. I printed up about 150 of them and went to record shops and thrift comix shops and used book stores etc. and shopped them around. I must have sold about 30 of them. I had other artists contributing as well, Raymond Johansen and Tor Arne Hegnar. I used the comic as portfolio to get into Kubert School in 1992.
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