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More likely than you think

It was obvious. MY MAGNUS OPUS!!!! I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!!! Feel free to do with this as you wish.

I should be studying |: I have a kiriban to finish, too.

>_> Before I get any hate from random deviant art hardasses who like to do that kind of thing, this is based on the X in my Y meme.

Updated to say "FREE SPY CHECK" and Pyro emblem over original logo
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I love this!! poor scout's mom.
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This is getting awkward...
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Heavens I lol'd.
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pffff this is so awesome!!! :XD:
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Crawling, in my skin?
It's more likely than you think.
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A-Ahahaha! OMG this is awesome! I knew I felt something moving around in there :0
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funny on sooo many levels!
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Oh mai gawd..... Rlly? :ohnoes:

I need to check!!! :sprint::couch:
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Pfff~ I wish I was the clever soul who came up with this. Well done you.
Beautifully done~!
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That happens to me with a LOT of things xD I was so ecstatic when I saw this hadn't been done yet. And thanks!
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I saw this on TF2Chan. Oh my goodness, you are a genius.
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this is beautiful.
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BAWWW-- wait, was that a compliment? :heart:
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should've gone "free spy check", but still a good joke.
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Maybe I should edit that...
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oh, thats amazing~
lulz fo' sho XD
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