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KOR: Empire of Eurion Flag

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Some things that need to be done, especially since they also concern der :iconicoganwarmblood: group.

The flag of the Empire of Eurion.

Heraldic Animal: Dragon
Primary Colors: Blue/Red
Secondary Colors: Gold/Grey


The flag of the Empire of Eurion features the twin dragons as symbol not only for the their twin regents but also for the royal bloodline itself. 
As the Empire is divided in a southern and northern part, for the purpose of easier administration and to balance the power of the twin monarchs out, the flag is so as well. 
Blue representing the south lying close to the water and red the north which held Eurion's many volcanos. 
The secondary colors gold and grey represent the goods the Empire is most famous for. Noble metals like gold and iron ore.

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Echt tolles design mit nem echt guten Konzept dahinter. :clap: