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HSLG Caronwyn - Novice Champion


#0184 (Lilac Carrier)
Name: HSLG Caronwyn
Barnname: Caro
Gender: doe
Breed: Fawnling
Age: 12

Color: sooty amber champagne partially restricted fawn (lilac carrier)
Genetics: EE/AAt/ChchL/nSty/fwfw/nrz
Design: Festive Fawnling Designs 2014: Batch 20 (nr. 3)

Type: Saddle type
Height: 155 cm

------------------------------------------ SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SSD: Foundation
Sire: Mirrah's Anthoras (NPC Stud)
------------------------------------------ SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DSD: Foundation
Dam: Nurra'tyl Natir (NPC Dam)
------------------------------------------ DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation


StEE Velka  (half-sister through sire)

Other family members: unkown 

Special things

Abilities: none


- doesn't like saddles 
- prefers biteless bridles 
- decorated with tons of lucky charms

Bonded to: Aramis


- at StEE -

Chasing Autumn away - Everlasting Events: Open Classes - Freestyle - not judged yet
Onward! - HARPG Fawnling Spring Minishow: Need For Speed! - Chariot Race - 1st place
Discipline: no fix discipline 
Rider: Aramis



Place of Birth: Estate of Mirrah


- reserved for ElunaTalnae - Traded for a basic bacon design


For stud/lease: open for breeding to harpg stags (saddle build)

Mate: Calder (can be considered as some kind of mate)



Caro came to Ste. Lucile as a gift for the two Fae twins Aramis and Artax. Louis bought her for them in hope the doe could help them to recover from all that happen to them before they were gifted to him. 


Caro is a very gentle and patient creature. She has no problems with standing still for hours while her boys are decorating her with all kind of flowers,pearls,feathers and bells or braiding her hair. She never kicks,she never bites and never makes a noise even if they accidently hurt her. But not only towards her two owners,she's also friendly and kind to every other human being around her,no matter if child or adult.

Under saddle she's as patient as always and forgives all kind of mistake very easily. She doesn't like bites so you need to ride her biteless. Saddles are not her friends but she accept them if she has too. Caro is not the super amazing competitor but if she will do her best if you ask for it. 

for Caro an arabian and does and a springbok (and Sweet helped me with her face again)  
Fawnlings © Ehetere
Caro's design © Tigglesaurus
Caro  © DatNachtmaehre
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You're also handsome as doe :eyes:
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Doe, stag, this design can be everything and still look good. :dummy:
That's why I love it so much. :la:

She could be Celes twin sister. XD
Nixxily's avatar
Oww yes! I can't wait to see more of her! :D
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
I need to do the ref for the other two first. The one for the stag (based on Uriel's design) and the other doe (based on the design for Miles who's still waiting for approval).
Nixxily's avatar
I'm also going to convert some of my fawnlings to HARPG ;) trough I'm more of a classic type then a saddle type ;p It's a little to bad you can only have so little HARPG fawnlings ...
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Both designs will also be used as OC designs. Miles design is supposed to become a tiny little oakfern sized pet doe for a giant of a man. XD
Uriel's design will be a Harpg stag of the saddle type and for Miles I'm planning on eventually making him a Classic type doe.
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