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Ersi's Trophy Board

I decided to make every staff member an own trophy board (except Kaydena and André, they have theirs in the living room) in their room. <3
Here's Ersi's who hasn't only her ribbons and trophy's showcased but also pictures of her beloved Lion and some random stuff she likes. The snowglobe (with Varo and Schehe in it xD) and those ornaments for example.

Placing - Mount - Event

Pixel: Red Star   Dressage  Pixel: Red Star 

None yet

Pixel: Yellow Star   Showjumping Pixel: Yellow Star 

Trophy 1st Place - StEE Vaianor - Badger Pride (ribbon need to be added)

Pixel: Blue Stary Cross Country Pixel: Blue Stary 

None yet

Pixel: Green Star Halter Pixel: Green Star 

TLoZ -- Silver Rupee bullet  2nd Place - StEE Endellion - Fawnlings Grand Opening Show
Pixel flower 4th Place - StEE Endellion - Let it Snow Winter 2016 HARPG Show
 6th Place Enceladus Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Event 2016 - 2017

Pixel: Purple Star  Liberty Pixel: Purple Star 

TLoZ -- Silver Rupee bullet 2nd Place - StEE Endellion and StEE Caronwyn - FmnF's Birthday Freestyle 2016! 
Pixel: Bronze Award 3rd Place - StEE Endellion - HARPG Fawnling Spring Minishow: Need For Speed! 
Pixel: Bronze Award 3rd Place - StEE Endellion - Let it Snow Winter 2016 HARPG Show
Trophy 1st Place - StEE Endellion and StEE Caronwyn - Everlasting Events: Open Classes
Pixel flower 4th Place - StEE Endellion - Fawnlings - Eternal Minishow
10th place  StEE Aslan-al-Sinan - Fawnlings Great Outdoors Show 2017

Pixel: Orange Star Other Disciplins Pixel: Orange Star 

Pixel: Bronze Award 3rd Place - StEE Endellion - Fawnlings Great Outdoors Show 2017 - Endurance

Star Sea Green  Other  Star Sea Green 

Crowned Diamond  Winteriest Wonderland Award - Fawnlings Grand Opening Show
Crowned Kunzite Best Costume Award - Let it Snow Winter 2016 HARPG Show
Crowned Emerald Hogwarts House Cup - Showjumping -  Hogwarts Event House Cup (need to be added)

Picture Frame PNG 01 © Thy-Darkest-Hour
Photoframe - Polaroid photo © halvaPL
Cork Board © Stockopedia
bookshelf © Were-wolf-101
Ornament Mobiles png stock © Mom-EsPeace
UNRESTRICTED - Stacks of books renders by frozenstocks © frozenstocks
Gold glitter reindeer and Silver glitter reindeer © TinaLouiseUk
Victorian Wallpaper 3 © LaTaupinette
Snow globe template © theluckyangel
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Great job! Thank you for using my stock :) x