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Enceladus !1396

Ref updates from Cavitto to Aksiothos. Starting with Enceladus. <3

ID: !1396
Registration: registered

Name: Enceladus
Nickname: Enceladus
Gender: stallion
Breed: Aksiothos (Scion Kin)
Age: 5 years 

Colour: White Spotting on Argyros Black Sabino1 Aster's Scintilla
Genotype: Ee aa nAy nSb1 nW nAci Cmra
Stars: white and light blue hyper giants
Glitter: skyblue

Aksiothos Scion Kin No. !1396 by AksiothosDesign


------------------------------------------ SSS: !10
----------------- SS: !1103
------------------------------------------ SSD: !5
Sire: !1271
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: !95
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS:  Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD:  Unknown
Dam: !205
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Related to Scions:


Elemental Affinity: Water (Common)
Shapeshifter Ability: Deer (Cervidae) - Sika deer

Tack: to come


- Likes stars and the moon (accessories featuring them are most welcome)
- Relates himself to the goddess Nyx
- doesn't like dogs, especially small ones

Favorite treats: sugar cubes
favorite color: light blue and white

Bonded to: to come




1) ANIMALGIRL1869  - ready to use
2) closed
3) closed
4) closed
5) mine
6) closed
7) closed
8) closed 

Offspring: none


For stud/lease: open

Mate: none 



A gentle and well-mannered stallion.
Enceladus is a true Lady's horse, sensitive for his rider's commands and attentive for his surroundings without being easily startled if something unexpected happened.


for Azteca 3  © Colourize-Stock
Aksiothos © PolarisAstrum 
Enceladus © DatNachtmaehre
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© 2016 - 2021 DatNachtmaehre
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ReQuay's avatar
So excited to see this boy over in Aksi <3
Still think he's so handsome. 
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
ok got the genes back...that was quick lol. ummm I'm not all that big on chesnut.. but that's ok. I have no clue how to design this baby lol.

Foal ID 1456

Colour: Dominant White on Chestnut Sabino Fallen Stardust
Genotype: ee Aa nSb nW nFls nSnw
Power: Snow/Ice


Colour: Sooty Silver Chestnut Sabino Fallen Stardust
Genotype: ee Ata nSb nSty nZ nSnw
Power: Snow/Ice
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Shall I help you designing hun?

the first geno would give you something that's entirely white just like Enceladus. XD
The second can chestnut, liver chestnut or black chestnut as far as I know so if you prefer something more
brown or black chocolate colored that should be possible as well.
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
oh yes! if you don't mind designing it for me?!!! You can design both if you want. Though would have to have a dark chestnut like the black one as I don't care for coloring red horses hahaha.  Thank you!
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
I'll give both genos a go during the week if you don't mind waiting a little.
Do you have a favorite star color for the Stardust?
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
oh yay awesome! nope I have no problem waiting <3 Thank you
hmmm blues and purples?? unsure of what colors they can be lol
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Stars can have every natural color a RL star can have. Blue, light blue, yellow, white, light red, dark red and orange.
Or simply everything on this scale:…
Glitter underneath the stars can be any color of the rainbow.
Enceladus for example has light blue hyper giants as stars and white glitter. Shade has white stars and pastelish tangerine/yellow glitter. Scuzzle has blue white super giants and purple glitter.
I want a dark star dust one day with red dwarfs because I'm a nerd like that. XD
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
oh hmmm. well how about blue or light blue stars, with ummmmm green glitter or white glitter? hmmm would black be able to be the glitter color? not sure how that would look though.
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Stardust by DatNachtmaehre

I gave black chestnut a go. So the base is a silver sooty black chestnut sabino.
I used the light blue for stars and tried the green for the glitter. 

Glitter and stars aside what do you think about the base coat? 
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ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
Hello sweety. I am very curious.. would it be possible to get a slot to this boy? umm I thought we had talked about it before. But I'm not on the list so I wasn't sure if I was just dreaming or not. As I would love to put him to Scuzzle.
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
It was Shadow we once talked about and the fact that he and Scuzzle are related. XD
Well he has one slot up for 15 VP but if you like I would also be open for a slot trade. 
Either to a Cavi or Boucle.
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
ohh ok it was Shadow. my bad.
Oh i'd be up for a slot trade. Is there any of my horses you'd want a slot to? ummm I have two new imports that need refs.. but ones a dom fange and the other is a dom chocolat. That's if you are interested..but can be any of my characters
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
I wish Mer or Legion had a slot left. I just found the gender swap potion
and Legion x Violet would have been a great match. Would one of those 
be open F244 Alya or D184 Nerina or 1369 Sora?

I'm super willing to trade you other slots as well for those. *cough* Just saying. *cough*
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
hmmm looking at Legions MP, she should have 2 more slots to her name. I just haven't sent in MP note since they had stopped for that BUMP thing. So I can definitely give you a slot to her if that's who'd you like a slot to for trade to Enceladus?
Also, if you want slots to Sora, Alya, and Nerina, I can definitely work with you on that sweety. Let me know!
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Can we even send new MP notes yet? I still don't understand that
new BUMP system. I doubt they will approve her before end of april
aka. I wouldn't be able to use her breeding slot with Violet until next
year than. But I have a slot to another smoke man stallion so if her
slot for one to Enceladus would fine for you I would love to trade it. ^^

Regarding the others are there other Boucles or Cavis you might like
to get a slot too? If they still have one. 
ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar
wellll you are IN LUCK!! someone that has a slot to her just gave it I can put you on it you can use it to Violet this month like you want. I will go mark you down now! ok, are now on Legions slot,.ready to use!

Oooh... do you require breeding pictures for these slots? As I do not require them unless the other person in the trade does. So it is up to you)

As for the others hmmmmmmm.. all three do have open slots.
I would love a slot to
F468 Lorendil
F144 Boucle foal design
1397 eridani (cavitto)
1175 Selas (cavitto)

Though I know there are four there.. not sure who is open. And I know that Lorendil is would go for all three of my horses for the one slot if you prefer.
DatNachtmaehre's avatar
Nope I don't require a BP for Enceladus. It wouldn't make sense to show them together 
story wise so skip it. I also don't need a foal slot in their case as I plan to breed them
together as well. : )
I'll add you to his list just gimme a moment. 

Regarding the others what do you think about one to Eridani for one to your cavi girl and
one to Lorendil for the two Boucles?
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PolarisAstrum's avatar
He is just too pretty :heart: I love the mane and tail!
Nixxily's avatar
What a stunning stag! I love how you drew him ^^
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