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Catch a kelpie with a selkie

Yes I'm known for my unfair ways to catch kelpies. And this them I use a selkie to catch one.
Bewitching music and enchanting voices are gifts the selkies are known for and Angel will use both to attract and catch his mare.

And forgive me Haru that I stole your cute little girl Mikaela for the story.

Music: [link]

<<What's that for a sound?>>, the young kelpie mare said and pricked her ears. Two other horses rose their heads to as the heard the music that came out of the fog. Slowly they followed the noise until they arrived at a little pond covered with water lilies. The three horses stopped and pricked their ears again.

<<Be careful.>>, a young stallion said as he saw how the lighter of the two mares stepped into the water of the pond to follow the sound. The young mare didn't listen to him. That sound was so magical that she couldn't resist to follow it. On a stone in the middle of the pond she found the source of that sound. A creature was sitting there touching some fibers fixed on a strange wooden thing. They looked a bit like the fibers spiders use to make their webs. Every time the creature touched one it made a noise. Slowly the mare came closer. The golden mane of the strange creature was wet and water was dripping from it down on the rock. It closed it's eyes and started to hum a melody. Suddenly the mare felt a feeling she never felt before. She wanted to be with that creature. She wanted to be close to it, being touched by it. She didn't knew why but she moved closer and closer. A voice deep inside her told her to run away, to not walk further but turn around and run but she was unable to follow that voice. The voice of the creature was much stronger and dragged her into it's direction until she stand right in front of it.

"You will follow me right?", Angel said still singing.

The mare looked at him. Her eyes lost all the brightness and became foggy just like her mind. Angel stopped playing his harp but he didn't stop singing. Slowly he slipped of the stone and picked up a rope made out of his own hair. He placed the rope around the mares neck. The kelpie mare didn't try to run away or get rid of the thing around her neck. She was just standing there absorbed by Angel's voice. Angel took his harp and fixed it on his back before he picked up the end of the rope and walked away. Like she was hypnotized the mare was following him out of the pond to the dry land and back to the stable.


"Do you really think he can catch a kelpie with a harp and a rope made of his own hair?", Mikaela asked the Ron who was standing near the fence.

"I don't think it. I know it young lady.", he replied before he throw a look on his watch,"He should be back soon. And I bet he won't be alone."

Only a few minutes later they could hear a voice. It was soft like velvet, clear like the water and high like the ring of a small bell. Angel arrived at EH together with the mare. She walked behind him like a tamed horse, her eyes half closed and totally relaxed. Angel changed the tone in his voice a bit.

"Ah I see you found and caught your mare.", Ron said coming over to Angel to put a real halter on the mare.

"Yes I did and it was easier than I thought.", Angel answered in a song.

"Why are you still singing?", Mikaela asked the blond selkie and raised an eyebrow.

"Because if I stop the curse that lies on the mare will break and she will try to escape. So I need to wait until the halter is fixed and she's on the pasture.", Angel replied.

"Ok that sounds logical.", the girl said and nodded her head.

As soon as Ron closed the gate of the pasture Angel stopped and took a deep breath. From one moment to the other the mare seemed to wake up and realized where she was. She reared up and started to ran along the fence like the devil was chasing her.

"There's no way out girl.", Ronald said while he was watching her running in circles always along the fence.

"I feel somehow pity for her.", Angel said before he shook his hair to get ride of some water. His hair was still wet and dripping. Mikaela watched him. She find it cool how Angel caught that kelpie.

"May I ask you something?", the little werwolf asked the blond selkie.

"Off course young lady. You can ask me whatever you want.", he replied.

"That trick with your voice. Does it work with every creature or only with horses?", she asked curiously.

"It works with every living being. Even with plants.", Angel answered,"We developed that gift to protect us from humans during the time they were hunting us. We used it to lure them into the water so that we could drown them."

"Clever.", Mikaela said before she asked,"And on which kind of creatures it works best?"

"Well on all kinds of male creatures. The more human the are the better it works.", Angel answered, "But why are you asking?"

"Just curiosity.", she replied and walked away.

"She's planning something I guess.", Ronald said.

"Yes. She does.", Angel replied before he turned around and watched how his mare was running in circles always along the fence.
for the horse [link] © *SkysTheLimitStudio
for Angel [link] © ~dani-stock
waterlilys [link] © *YBsilon-Stock
gras [link] © ~TW3DSTOCK
grass and lilys [link] © =MaureenOlder
reed [link] © ~DemoncherryStock
design of the horse © *theDunkleKatze
European Kelpie © *Okami-Haru
Angel and the mare © *DatNachtmaehre
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Ein sehr sehr schönes Bild, gefällt mir sehr, die pastelligen Farben sind toll! :iconpinklilyplz:

Danke, dass Dir mein Stock so gut gefallen hat :heart: