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Injustice - Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad Movie)

By DatKofGuy
Copyright to: DC Comics, Nether-Realm Studios
Includes Mallet, Pistol and Bat

I really want this movie to be good.. but friends that have seen it say its bad..

Some of you may be wondering why I've been quiet for so long.. I'll be making a journal to explain. Sorry to everyone I haven't replied to yet.
© 2016 - 2021 DatKofGuy
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the Suicide Squad Special Ops, diablo please
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Rip the player models from Suicide Squad: Special Ops?
Beautiful and fun 
can someone tell me how to open the xps file... thank youuu
PlERSNlVANS's avatar
After u download this model, extract to a folder, open xnalara program, file, add model, go to where the folder u extract to, click on the xps in the folder
hey, thanks for the rply however when I click add model in the file section it just says data the n dummy
PlERSNlVANS's avatar
1. Download this model (It should be a 7zip file)

2. Use Winrar and extract this 7zip file to inside data folder of XPS (Use latest version of xps if u can) XD

3. There should be 3 folders (Pistol, Mallet and Bat) inside the extracted folder

4. Create a new folder inside the extracted folder, rename as Harley Quinn 

5. Move xps, prev, HarleyQuinn_SS_Norm_temp, HarleyQuinn_SS_Spec_temp and HarleyQuinn_SS_Diff_temp to the Harley Quinn folder

6. Open XPS, click file, click add model, go to Harley Quinn folder and click it XD  
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P.S. Download this to skip instructions by me XD
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Hey !
Bro Sorry Yer She is There !
But I Had To load Her As a "Genetic Item "! ?
But She Has'nt Got Any "Face-Bones "! ?
( Eg "Eyes/Nose/Mouth Inc )
So Is this Okey To Ask You "Re-Upload This "with ("Her Face-Bones?"! ) " Re-Named "! ?
Thanks Bro ! ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) 
DatKofGuy's avatar
She doesn't have face bones in the game.
CyberBrian360's avatar
CyberBrian360's avatar
Hey Bro !
Can You Re-Upload This ?
Well There's Only The :
"Mallet "!
And Her "Pistol "!  ?
So What I Mean Is Can You Re-Upload this "With the Model And The Wepons ?
( Harley With her Stuff !)
Thanks Bro !
;) (Wink) 
DatKofGuy's avatar
The model is there, in the main folder.
CyberBrian360's avatar
It's Not Bro ?
Ill Cheack Just-incase !
And Ill Let You Know ? :) (Smile) 
cc3725's avatar
nice,thank you :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
MrUncleBingo's avatar
Can you upload or send me the Joker Leto files? I wanna try a meshmod with Letoker :,v
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You're very quick DatKofGuy. HQ:s challenge hasn't started yet, but you got her! :thumbsup:
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Very nicely done!
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Wait i just realized is not from the SS Game, didn't read the title sorry :p
asdjol's avatar
I don't think any SS-game has been released yet... Or have I missed something? I only know of Batman Arkham VR and that Telltale series.
Kabalstein's avatar
In the FB page of the Movie, they shared a Suicide Squad game, where you can play as Deadshot, Harley Quinn and El Diablo, surviving through waves of enemies until everyone dies
asdjol's avatar
I see. I have to take a look at that.

Since you asked DatKofGuy about porting the models from that game, I assume it's a 3D game made in Unity, am I correct? But is it possible to extract 3D models from flash based games on the internet?
Kabalstein's avatar
No is not a flash game, it's dowloadable.
But i don't know if it's possible to open it's files with Umodel, or other extraction tool
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