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4,662 / 10,000

Commission price sheet by dathie


Concepts (suggestions welcomed!)Feel free to suggest what you want to become a full picture!! I'll willingly take on advice <3
at the same time, if you want to throw me ideas, I may end up getting inspired!

warning: these are rough and traditional, just enough detail for ME to know whats going on and possibly be a later pic
idea 04/08/2017
Im home from holiday so to get myself back n ready I will be picking one of these to complete!! I have also removed a couple of sketches I dont feel I will want to come back to

I would like to do a 4 person pic, which features the constalletions of the dolphin, fox, wolf and dragon. also play with some lighting, I really want to push myself when I do this!
ideas 16/07/2017

pointy toes and dynamic pose!!

this is an opportunity for lilieae pleione, the surroundings to be


copyright and reposting artHi everyone
Following some bad bad drama this morning, I decided I want to outline what I expect in regards to sharing my art as I don't want it to happen to me
I put a copyright sig in all my image descriptions and have faint hidden signatures in nearly all my works. And I keep the photoshop files so I can prove the layer and increase opacity
If you try to steal my work I can prove the signature. Do not do this, I will not accept this Do not trace my work, if you want advise message me but don't use my works as a tracing and colouring bookDo not repost my when under any circumstances. You must gain permission, if you do not I will message you for removal and should you not reply or I will report the post for copyright infringement Saving works, it's nice to ask if your using my works for inspiration or personal device wallpaper, but it's not necessary, as it's personal use and not personal gain.
If you see a person using my work and you don't believe they have per


Instagram and other accountsNot leaving dA, just links to my insta, facebook, art amino, and portfolio
instagram: dathie_duck
Facebook: dathie
Art Amino: dathie

Will be posting traditionally on all bar the portfolio (as that is for best works) as well as digitally
//that reminds me I did a painting earlier, will try and upload
commission prices, I think im gonna stick them on like a signature at the end of each journal, the cheapest commissions, the money go specifically towards something:
chibis - charity
traditional - more copic markers
so here they are:

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Rae Gardener AoD/ SnT
I worked...way longer than I expected to on this
it took me, way longer than I expected XD

so this is rachel gardener from angels of death / Satsuriku no Tenshi
I'm super into this series right now, though lets be fair I've only seen 2 anime this year, and this is one so take that with what you will.
I seem to have a thing for animes with a bit of mental challenge........or death (i have an...odd..track record)

so spoiler to this pic:
I decided to use her to practice a bit of a different angle, and this ISNT the full/original picture. this is a crop with the gaps filled in.

that means I have a full bodied version. one where there keeps the full detail of what I did, and this which I feel is more dynamic.
I will release the full picture, but maybe in a few days time.
I'll put it on other social media, but I'd like to think and make sure I dont wish to add anything else first. I feel lately,  my full bodied pictures lack dynamic effect, but crop it and its crazy the difference. 
in this the crop jilts the eye and you know what I want you to look at even if you want to look elsewhere.

so in summary: this will look more dynamic, but I wont deny you the full detail, it will come in a few days to a week. perhaps I'll time it with an episode release~, fridays sound good~
(now time to think of the next idea......~)

art(c) dathie
Instagram: dathieart
facebook: dathie / dathiesdrawings
new twitter:

ps: sorry for slow responses, work is busy and I've been sick most of this week.
Sakura elve
sooo reina has a new forme now
this nymphy pink forme was inspired by the idea of more graceful animals like swans and the celtic elvish style
its purpose? no clue yet, havin fun!
for now, please enjoy!

I have a new tablet so this is the first piece done on it!

also apolgies for delayed replies, these last 2 months I've been travelling albiet personal holiday and work, which leaves me unable to access my computer.
I'll answer them tonight and try to get back with things!

art(c) dathie
Instagram: dathieart
facebook: dathie / dathiesdrawings
new twitter:
omg, I uploaded a couple versions of the recent pic to facebook, and its so much fun to see peoples different opinions on what they find visually interesting!!

some people liked the crop, some like the original~ its such good feedback to see what they like!!
DIAS Vulpe
sooo i have 2 versions of this pic! a crop thats been modified, and this one!!

because im away and on holiday most of august, I will post the crop version in a couple weeks!
anyhow, enjoy the fox and the forme!!

art(c) dathie
Instagram: dathie_duck
facebook: dathie / dathiesdrawings
new twitter:
Buttercup closeup
just a crop of the previous pic I liked

I was torn as to what to upload for this pic, useful phone wallpaper but I also like all the detail I put in XD
My next picture is going back to what I love with the night bright blues purples, I want to spend time to go as far out as possible with it. I need to also note a few other ideas down! I have a few running in my head (im so scatty its unreal!)

anyways, this was just an update, and a secondary use for my picture. I geniunely got stuck as to what to upload as I loved both crops, I went with the detail, but I feel now it lacked focus, so for those who prioritise focus over detail, here is my hidden crop I wasnt originally gonna upload!

art(c) dathie
Instagram: dathie_duck
facebook: dathie / dathiesdrawings
new twitter:


dathie's Profile Picture
Jamie D'Ath
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
profile - im the one on the left
Engineering apprentice

I love doing art in my free time, its what keeps me from stress~ I tend to draw my own characters and mascots, but I want to expand a bit further so will likely work on some fanart and animals.

art for others:
-I don't really do requests any more, if I do I will shout out an offer
-trades are for those of a roughly equivalent skill or can make an offer worth the same as you recieve
-collabs i do't do as I found them wayyyyy too much hassle in the past
-commissions are always available

if there are any questions don't hesitate to ask!!!


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