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The Datagrafy "DeviantArt Spezial: Katze"

is a special treatment exclusively for the DeviantArt community.
This work is a twofold deduction of a cat. In the first step an audio was created. This is audio was input to the creation process of a graphic Datagrafy,
which is this one. Because of this fact this work could technically also be part of "datagrafy: lautgraph" (cf.:

About this offer:

- The original has a size of 20984 * 20984px, translating to 1.78m * 1.78m at 300dpi * 300dpi.
- The print offered here has a size of 9000px * 9000px, naturally translating to 76.2cm * 76.2cm at 300dpi * 300dpi.
- You can still scale as you wish of course when selecting your print size, the 30inch * 30inch print for example is the natural size.
- Datagrafies are handmade in the sense, that they are solely based on own work and are created by self-developed software.
- Datagrafies are visibly digitally signed (cf.: item picture).

You may me contact me for any question you may have, will happily do conversation:

- Messaging here
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