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collab: gayeeee

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Listen okay, listen,,, I ship this s o hard
And! This is a collab between me and someone on tumblr called kuno2480, who did the sketch. This image was actually a lot wider, but I've cropped it as I've only just realised how effed up edgeworth's shoulder was.
Kuno2480 is an amazing ace attorney artist! She's on instagram and tumblr if you want to see more sweet sweet narumitsu.

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Someone pinch me Eeeeeeeeeh! Why did i found this ship sooner! I LOVE IT
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IKR IT'S SO GOOD!! This art is so old tho skjdfhskjdhf im so sorry
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Why I didn't see this sooner ??? This is pure gold ! ;-; 
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djshgfsjhd gfomg this is so old dkjfhjsdf
thank you soooooo much!! I'll draw more AA!!
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Thanks to you ! I love this ship ! <3
I'm looking foward to see your next drawing of AA ! *-*
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That's cute as hell slay meeee
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<3 hhhhh thank you
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GAAAAYYY! XD For real though, this is a super cute picture.
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This is such a gorgeous and beautiful drawing! <3
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aahh,thank you!!
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okay did you just say you ship narumitsu-
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yes!! I do ship it.
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you have officially become my favorite person-
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ahaha, oh my god
I'm so glad you ship it too! 
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i LOVE the colour palette in thisss!
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Thank you!  I was feeling proper inspired by watercolours!
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Very nicely done :o :D
Also this ship yesss
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thank u so much!!
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