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ChooChoo Motherfuckers.
I liked the turtle one.

BTW, you should watch this shitty short film me and a group of friends made for school.
(I'm not in it.)

I'm currently working on a story entitled Cloudsdale Weather Laboratories over on FimFiction.
The preview chapter is available here:…



So I made a group.


 Go join! Go! Go! Go!

Video of the week:

I'm currently staying in Manhattan. It's pretty sweet.

View from my room:
Untitled by DatBrass

Nullam tincidunt: 
Pony is the goodest.

Video Of The... hmmm...: DogeQuest
Captain's log: entry #26

Nothing is well, 2 weeks now without contact from Albin.

I wish i could say we have a chance if we stick together. But the more I think, and the more I see.
The more I question what "together" really means.

Hope, much like fear, is all in our heads. 
Except fear has a practical purpose.

 -Captain Stewart-

Video of the week(that's a joke): THE FIRST BRONY SONG ON YOUTUBE, EVER!
It comes with swages!

Pony RainbowDash = new Pony(MLP.PonyType.Bitch, 20%, 10);

There is nothing funny about Nickleback.


lol jk, Rome

Art is stirring in the depths of my brain.....

Video of the week?: Particle Mare
(Triangle beats everything!)

Embeded version:

(The embeded version was working, then it wasn't, then it was again....
So I was like, Fuck It! put them both.)
I'm not dead, just very pre-occupied.

Have a video: Grey Horse Has Something To Say…
I havnt been posting much of anything, and wont be for awhile. 
So im just gonna be posting Videos of The Week for a while, until i get some free time.

Video of The Week: Kerbal - A KSP Movie
I just saw the Bony documentary, it sucked. 

(Basket Case by Greenday)
Merry Christmas!
Happy New-years!    
im kinda late.

This is on a Friday because i forgot to write it yesterday. 

It was like -28 in Canada.

(hint, its cold)

So i'm going on vacation to Canada during winter break. This means that i won't be able to post any Deviations or Journals for the next 2 weeks. But when i do get back, ill be posting some more amazing art, with blackjack and hookers. 
See ya then. ~DatBrass(das me lol)

Video Of The Week: PONIES The Anthology III
(Anthology so nice, we did it thrice!)
Biology man, es muy cray.

("I love cupcakes")