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Heroes of Science Volumes I, II and III





Volume III of Heroes of Science consists of another 21 figures, bringing the total to 76.

The FAQ, based on common questions and comments from the first two volumes, can be found here:

Volumes I and II can be found here:

Heroes of Science Action Figures by datazoid   Heroes of Science Volumes I and II by datazoid

Some comments about the new figures, and some updates to some of the original ones:

Brian Greene -- NEW -- string theorist and author. Plus, leather jacket!
Peter Higgs -- NEW -- a household name thanks to the discovery of the Higgs Boson
Lawrence Krauss -- NEW -- a personal favourite thanks to 'The Physics of Star Trek'
Wolfgang Pauli -- NEW -- I've already posted Pauli, but now he's part of the collection proper
Henrietta Swan Leavitt -- NEW -- known for discoveries relating to period-luminosity relationship of Cepheid stars
Carl Sagan -- I've tweaked Carl a bit, particularly his hair, which was a bit more outrageous than it needed to be
Neil deGrasse Tyson -- also updated to include more facial detail, and some general improvements
Albert Michelson and Edward Morley -- NEW -- conducted the Michelson-Morley experiment to debunk the concept of the luminiferous aether, and conducted extensive experiments towards determining the speed of light
Andrei Sakharov -- NEW -- Soviet nuclear physicist
David Hilbert -- NEW -- known for invariant theory and axiomatization of geometry, among numerous other things. Also, HAT
William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, AKA Lord Kelvin -- NEW -- responsible for the Kelvin temperature scale, the concept of absolute zero, and numerous other contributions to mathematics and science
Emmy Noether -- NEW -- known for abstract algebra and theoretical physics
Srinivasa Ramanujan -- NEW -- known for phenomenal contributions to the field of mathematics, although you may know him for his 'taxicab numbers', among other things
Andrew Wiles -- NEW -- found a solution to the previously thought unsolvable Fermat's Last Theorem
Norman Borlaug -- NEW -- also previously posted, Norman is known as "The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives", for (among other things) his contributions to increasing grain yields and disease resistance
Barbara McClintock -- NEW -- cytogeneticist who worked on genetic recombination, winning the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1983
Tim Berners-Lee -- NEW -- Computer scientist without whom there'd be no internet, no cats, no doge, no DeviantART on which to view this image
Brian Cox -- added more detail
Steven Pinker -- NEW -- cognitive scientist and psycholinguist, author. Also, spectacular hair
Burrhus Frederic Skinner -- NEW -- released earlier, now part of the set, behaviourist famous for operant conditioning and the pigeon-guided missile
Edward O Wilson -- NEW -- the world's foremost authority on ants (hence the tie)
Marie Curie -- Marie has been with us since the first volume, but I've made some significant improvements to her appearance this time around
George Washington Carver -- introduced in volume II, but now improved with more detail
Nikola Tesla -- no changes here. Just, y'know. TESSSLLLAAAAAA.

Really brief FAQ:

Real figures? No.
Poster? Not for sale. Download link in the top right, though. Print for yourself. Don't sell.
Why? Why not.
Why isn't (scientist) here? Not for any reason that is intended to offend you.
How long did it take? About 90 minutes per figure, give or take. Some took (a lot) longer.
Why no heroes from the space program or field of medicine? Because I feel it would be doing those fields an injustice to include token representatives. One day, I'll create a collection specific to those fields, and give lots of people recognition, rather than only a few.
Why so few women? Oh, no. Not again. Please read the big FAQ:
I don't think (scientist) deserves to be on here. I do.
But (person) isn't a real scientist, they're just on TV and stuff. Science education is as important to the general public as hard science contributions are to the scientific community. Anyone who encourages people to be interested in and care about science is absolutely a hero, and I will not be convinced otherwise.
What are they based on? Star Trek action figures + Photoshop.

THANK YOU for your support. :D

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Hahaha not real figures, i wishing they are really available in action figure version.