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Engineering Corridor B-1 Delta

By datazoid
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It's a corridor. It's an engineering corridor. Probably on a spaceship, or a space station, or some evil underground complex.

I was just experimenting with two of my favourite things: metallic textures and modular design. There're only two corridor modules, the blank corridor section, and the corridor section with the door in it. The end of the corridor just slots into the one with the door. Woo!

I like the way the ceiling worked out, and the hanging cables. Yay cables!

EDIT: Occupational Health And Safety would probably have something to say about the probability of tripping over the red running lights strip, particularly when entering or exiting a side doorway, or the danger of the pointy corners on the red lights. But hey, it's an engineering corridor. At least you don't have to duck under crap.
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Indiewolf99Hobbyist General Artist
hi this is indiewolf99 iam making a rpg sci fi game and was wondouring could i use this image as a pamorama graphic for my game

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Modeling program?
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Stratavision, obscure Mac program from the late '90s! :D
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Nice work
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This is epic looking *thumbs up*
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Thank you! :D
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What software did you use for that?
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I would of declared it was some kind of prison complex.

The lack of bulkheads (unless its like star-trek where forcefields appear) and then also I'm looking at the security locks everywhere and then those lights which make me wonder what they are for.

It could even be a really cool theme park attraction.
That would be quite interesting to see, as opposed to the usual corridors.

(anyway, I've fav'ed)
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Thanks for the favourite and the comment! I like to think of it as being the part of the ship/space station/complex where they keep secret stuff, thus explaining why there's no-one around and everything's locked.

For fun, the security keypads are actually the calculator from my desk, I scanned it and made the display red.
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i wish i could pulll offf a corridor as well as you do.Just out of curiosity what program do you use?.
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firebirdHobbyist General Artist
aaaaarrrrrrrrgghhhhhhhh! Once again YOU SUCK! I am SO envious. I want your program. >_< damnit. I'm still working out the bugs on landscapes!!!!

Ok, how'd you get the cables to hang down?
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With great skill and difficulty!

Nah, they're just ovals path-extruded along a line that droops down. :)
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firebirdHobbyist General Artist
as soon as I get my raphics computer back I will have to try that. Thanks!!

when are you coming to be tortured by my kids? and bringing more preety droolover toys with?
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