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Time flies

Fri Jul 6, 2018, 7:21 PM
w00t w00t

I guess it's time to post a journal update. It's been five years or so since the last time I posted here.
I'm happy to see that many people are finding their way to my pictures. Not sure how, just know that I am grateful for every view, comment, collection addition, and favourite.
One day I might even get through my growing notification stack too, to thank you all.

Apart from that, life's a drag, or whatever kids used to say back in my days. I sleep, I work, I eat, I game, I repeat. Now and then I feel like doing something else, so then I read a book or 20, or you know, grab my camera, looking for that perfect ox-eye daisy shot or something. Or play with my cat. I've gotten a cat since last update. I feel like that's important to mention, for some reason.

It might've been my mom that said this, not too sure, but "If you've got a cat, you've won the Internet", so I guess I'm one of many winners. Especially since my Instagram is filled up with cat pictures (and food, yes, I cook too).

Apart from that, I'm just happy with listening to music, writing stuff, and living life. Even though it's not exactly what I wanted or how I envisioned my life at 31-32 to be, I just got to keep on doing whatever I do, hoping that changes come along or something. Or just kick myself in the rear end to go make those changes myself. We'll see.

Who knows … Maybe I'll actually do something, instead of just writing and moaning about it all the time.

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