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Hello everyone,

I rarely write journals. I don't even know why. First things firsts, where I still got the attention of most people: There is an amazing anime artist named suikakun (:iconsuikakun:). She is offering very cheap commissions and she draws amazing art. Yet, she only has like 20 watchers. Give her a visit and if you like, a watch as well. :heart:

Then another thing: I will be at GalaCon next weekend. I will go there with a friend and very likely also meet some people there. This will be my first time there. The only other pony convention was a smaller one in Berlin. So this will be quite something new for me. I fear, this convention will hurt my wallet a lot. Some know faces will be there like Kazumi Evans and Ashleigh Ball. And of course also community guests like 4everbrony or dori-to. I also heard, people like Tridashie will be there. I wonder how many people from the community will be there as regular guests.

Anyways, apart from that, I've totally forgot to write a journal about my trip to Japan, but I guess, it's kind of too late now. XD And well, since I'm writing, might as well cover some tags:

First one was a tag by :iconsuikakun:

Name: DataPony (or Marcus in RL)
Zodiac: Cancer 
Average hours of sleep: In the week like 7 hours.
Fav. Characters: Let's split this by type, okay?
My little Pony: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer, Sonata and Rarity.
Anime: Rem-chan :heart:, Sawako Kuronuma, Hak Son, Yuno Gasai, Haruhi Suzumiya, Kagami Hiiragi, too many actually
Others: Hatsune Miku (she is Vocaloid, so she is not really an Anime character), Chococat (and Kitty White as well), Star Butterfly, Steven Universe

Watchers: 187 apparently, I did not know before this XD
What do you post drawings of: Definitely not ponies Meow :3 
Do you get a lot of comments? A lot is relative, but I always seem to get comments and that makes me happy. :)

Next tag is by a good friend of mine :iconvadi19:

Apparently I have to spell out my username with songs beginning with that specific letter (or number). So let's do this. I try to choose songs that I really like.

D - Do you hear the people sing? from Les Misérables
A - Anywhere by Passenger
T - Tír na nÓg (feat. Oonagh) by Celtic Woman
A - a capella by Ylvis
P - Patina by Woodlore
O - On Your Own by Woodlore (he's cool, check him out, if you don't know his music yet)
N - Nacht voll Schatten by Juliane Werding (sorry, this is actually joke. It's a German version of Moonlight Shadow XD)
Y - You're in my head like a catchy song - from MLP Episode 13 Season 7

Well, that's it. I probably forgot about some tags already, sorry. I don't tag anyone, don't see the point of that chain mail style thing. (This is basically spam ;P)

Anyways, thanks for reading, lol :D

Data :heart:


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey there!

I'm Data Pony, thanks for visiting! I like to draw some pony art in my little freetime. I also love to game and chat with other ponies and people :) Look at this awesome art, that other people drew for me :D



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Dati :3
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Vadiii Huggle! 
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Wie gehts dir? :3
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Ganz gut eigentlich. Ich war gestern in der Oper (habe mir so ein Abo geholt, wo man sämtliche Musiktheater Premieren in unserem Theater sehen kann). Lustigerweise war der Auftakt der Theatersaison direkt eines der längsten Opern, nämlich die Walküre von Wagner. Da sitzt man sich schon ganz schön die Popo platt.

Und wie geht es dir so?
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Happy Birthday! ᵔ.ᵔ…

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Thank you!

This video kind of represents the first actual contact with MLP... Okay, I already knew it at least since 2011, but this was the episode that finally brought me to MLP ^^
TechTalkPony Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018
You're welcome! (◠‿◠✿)
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