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I've lived where I am now since around '99-'00. (... Which is probably longer than some members of FA have been alive.) Not the best place in the world, but not the worst, and I've gotten used to it.

Due to complicated family and financial stuff, though, most likely, by the end of the year, I'm going to have moved to a new place about 22 km (15 miles) away. A couple of the family households are consolidating, to help save on rent, so I'm going to be living with a few new people, too. But there's still going to be local bus service, a 24-hour coffee shop less than a kilometre away, and I'm definitely going to make sure we've got decent internet, so... once the move is done, I should be able to manage.

The tricky part is going to be the move itself. In case I haven't mentioned it recently, I've got asthma, which significantly limits the amount of physical activity I can do. In addition, dust makes my asthma symptoms worse; and, to put it delicately, one of my current roommates could be described as a low-level hoarder. I suspect we're going to have to maintain both my current address plus the new one for some months just in order to have enough time to sort through everything.

And, of course, there's going to be the complications of fitting a married couple plus three single adults (plus a cat and a dog) into a 2680 sq.ft. house with three official bedrooms (and an attic rec-room that's apparently going to become a fourth bedroom). I have a good idea which of my own possessions I want to hold onto and which I'm willing to leave behind... but one of my current home's bedrooms is already effectively a library stuffed full, and I suspect some emotional turmoil will result depending on how much of that has to be gotten rid of. My username isn't just a nom-de-net and a way of life, it's a description of a fundamental part of my personality, desires, and values. I picked up some stress for a while last year just from going through a decision to minimize future purchases of physical books, movies, and the like in favour of digital content; I'm not looking forward to how I'll be feeling when I have to chuck out multiple six-foot shelves full of novels, textbooks, comics, and other printed media.

But, things could be a lot worse. I'm not being kicked out by my landlord, and there should be time for me to sort through what I really do want to keep. I'll be living in a brand-new part of the Regional Municipality of Niagara to learn the detailed ins-and-outs off, while still knowing enough about the general way things work to keep from getting totally lost.

Overall, I suspect it's all going to end up being a case of... life happens.
devasthedeath Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017

Hugs for the imminent stress :-\
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February 16, 2017