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Apophysis Advanced Scripting

This is Apophysis Monthly Issue 1, but hosted in my own personal gallery (and under tutorials section, mind you).

I'm just going to paste my other message from *Apophysis here:


This month's author: ~datagram * Apophysis Administrator

This month's topic: Advanced Apophysis Scripting

HEY! I finally finished it. Its 9:04 AM in the morning my time; I've been up almost 24 hours straight trying to finish this as promised, and now its finally done. This is the single best resource for scripters or those learning to script. GUARANTEED. I think I can say that with a straight face and be confident about it at the same time. Nowhere else on the internet will you find the compiled functions list, let alone all of the rest of the information and resource made available through this tutorial/guide/walkthrough/whateva.

I hope this sets the tone and scale for any future tutorials dealing with Apophysis, but most importantly those including scripting. This should also set the tone for what we are trying to accomplish here at *Apophysis with all the changes we've been making, as well as setting the tone for all future Apophysis Monthly issues. Not just new journals, or new fractals, but we really want to reinvigorate the group's morale and participation.

On a side note, Apophysis Monthly Issue 2 design is being worked on, and when the plans are set, we will let everyone know who the Author(s) will be, and what the topic of the Issue will be (we already know, but I enjoy being a tease).

Happy scripting!

(Version 1.01: Some names/errors fixed)

~datagram *Apophysis Adminsitrator
© 2005 - 2021 datagram
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thanks for this!

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Apo X what ... !?! Holy Cow! I just stumbled blindly onto the (new) Apo - obviously not NEW {but to me} Lol! Hey! I really appreciate the heck out of the work that has gone into this! I have been using the original for some time, over a period of a few years, and never really thought about someone taking it to this level. Awesome work! I now find that some of the fractal works I have admired were done with the new version,... It is so bright here in the sunlight, after having lived in that 'cave' for so long. I do have a couple of questions, however - do I have to uninstall my older version? What about older scripts - any problems running them?
Keep up the good work. This has brought me countless hours of enjoyment and likely will bring many, many more.
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weekend download can be tediously slow
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time time time.. i hope i have enough to do justice to your efforts :) thank you so much
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got alot of reading to dO :)
thank you ;)
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thank you , i need all the apo help i can get :D
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Between this and ThePieProphet's tutorials, I think I can keep myself busy scripting. Mucho gracias friend.
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How do we link to your turorial? Or where to find it...would love to read it...cheers
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It's in my gallery somewhere, the icon is really obvious.
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cheers for that...
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Thanks so much for this :#1:
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Thank you for sharing so much of your work and time.....:rose:~Anya
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I thank you much, hopefully this can help me through several things!
I haven't read it yet but many thanks for all the hours of work!
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Great tutorial. I appreciate all the work you did. I even put it to good use modifying Utak3r's Spiralize3 and got a really cool version that is starting to kick out some really nifty flames. (I just uploaded the first of these to Apophysis) I have no complaints about the tutorial, lots of compliments and one suggestion. You could make it clearer that PI is already included in the script engine. I discovered this by accident. I was using PI, wasn't sure it was working as PI thinking the variable could be treated as Zero if not already part of the script engine, but when I tried to give it a value (I have it memorized to 8 decimal places), the script engine gave me an error. When I went back to the tutorial I realized it wasn't really mentioned, atleast not directly. Believe me, thats barely a minor complaint :^> which is why I called it a suggestion.

Just downloaded your map to ugr utility. I will take it home and play with it there. Not enough time here at work.

Thanks for all your hard work on the tutorial and over in the Apo community.

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Cool - well done on the hard work - i've just got to get my head round it now - perhaps i need to learn more first, that might be a good idea :lol:

Thanks anyway :clap:
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Planning to go back to rendering in a few more weeks, this´ll surely be great help! Thank you! :cuddle:
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