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Apophysis 2.02 FAQ-Tutorial

By datagram
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Tutorial suited to explaining much of the interface that isn't documented as well as helping anyone who is new, and probably quite a few things veterans can go ahh! to, learn to make quality renders and clean up their images before and during rendering.

Also explains each individual render method, among many other things.

Comments WELCOME.

:bulletred:Added November 28, 2004:bulletred:
First of my "deviations" to ever hit 1,000 hits/downloads. Thanks much to anyone/everyone who this helped, who used in efforts to learn more about flames/apophysis, etc.

I'll be redoing the tutorial soon to have many corrections and addendums. When that will be? Not sure, kinda busy with many ~Apophysis related matters! But sometime in the near future, I promise.

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<- The Apophysis Group Page
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Is it impossible get a script for automate batch for rendering all flames from one folder to . jpg  format??
I real need this one. And maybe useful info is that I use aphophysis 2.09 becouse i cant find where download 2.5 version.

Thanks a lot guys.
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Thanks for compiling your tutorial....
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.... immage wont load:P:shakefist:
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Thank You for the tutorial! :-)
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Thnx a million , respect for the effort..i'm so glad of any info to help me on my way..just getting into this artform and I love it... my sleep doesn't tho !!
keep on keepin on
Wanted to try out the software but I don't have a clue where to start, so thanks for the tutorial! :P
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Thanks again :love:
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perfect, just what I was looking for....thanks to a friend for the helped...:)
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Excellent tutorial! Thank you very much
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how do you download the tutorial?
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Click Download (to the left of the image).
Thank you so very much for the tutorial for fractal feens like myself
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Very nice, I'm using it quite a lot, beings that I'm a beginner. It's been helping, I love my new images. Thanks! =D
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Great :)
I'll use it for usre!
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Cheers this should help me. Only just downloaded apo and hoping to learn how to use it :)
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Downloaded without difficulty .. many thanks! ^_^
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Thanks for taking the time to make a tutorial - It helped to point me in the right direction =)
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This is a wonderful tutorial, explained everything to me. Thank you so much for creating this!
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thanks for making this tutorial, it helped me out alot :D
michizure-sama's avatar
thanks so much, this is really helpful. :clap:
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I am glad I just discovered this. I will sit down and read :)) thank you very much!
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