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[Sva] Euryale



Euryale raffle prize by databull
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Name >> Euryale
Age >> Young Adult
Gender >> Cis Female [she/her]

Height >> 71 cm | 28 in
Weight >> 38 kg | 84 lbs
Description >> Once a petite baby swathed in windswept waves, she has since begun the transformation into an adult. An awkward stage that renders her quite lanky and uncoordinated. 
Gait >> Frenetic as any wolfling. A bubbling ball of energy lacking the discipline necessary to tame it; she runs about at an unmanageable clip. 

Voice >> High pitched—bordering on squeaky when excited.
Scent >> Ocean breeze and hints of medicinal herbs.
Moonphase >> Alder, The Priest
Abilities >> None

Pack >> Skydas
Rank >> Pup
Task >> None [Aspiring Warden]


Alignment >> Neutral Good
Personality Type >> Entrepreneur [ESTP-A]
Temperament >> Sanguine

Positive >> Confident, Enterprising, Sincere
Neutral >> Affectionate, Magnetic, Tenacious
Negative >> Domineering, Impenitent, Quixotic

Drive >> Winning at wrestling.
Fear >> Losing at wrestling.

A small spitfire brimming with vim and vigor. Euryale sports the type of boundless confidence only afforded to the young. Free from the fear of judgement, regret, or consequences. Incapable of honest introspection, she has the potential to become problematic if left unchecked. A dreamer at heart, she aspires to make her mark on the world. Though she lacks the specific vision that would make her desire a reality, the absence of direction hasn't stopped her from "training" on her siblings. Her enthusiasm is infectious. But, it's her convictionsthe dedication to seeing her ambitions realizedwhich truly endears her to others. Sincerity that can present as foolhardy. Naïve. Sporting a self-assurance trending to the point of cockiness, her optimism borders on delusional.

Oblivious to the feelings of those around her, Eury is brazen in both word and deed. She tackles every obstacle full-bore; becoming quite frustrated when her plans go awry. However, she is rarely deterred by failure—rather, the she-wolf is incensed by the idea of giving up on anything. Even if the task proves impossible. Because of this, she is prone to becoming obsessed with her shortcomings. Dwelling on the skills that require improvement instead of appreciating where she excels. 

Quality family time helps pacify her wilder tendencies, while peers tend to enable more mischievous behavior. Equally affectionate towards everyone; Eury embodies the idea that strangers are just friends she hasn't met yet. Eagerly taking the initiative during conversation whenever possible, she advocates for those less outspoken than herself. An overbearing manner that can be equal parts reassuring and infuriating as she tends to make assumptions instead of simply listening—an area in which she falls dreadfully short. Thriving in the presence of equally outgoing company, she's a social butterfly in any setting. 


CW: None

Euryale is a daughter of the sea and sky. One of five pups born to Toril and Eurus of Skydas, their arrival came on the tail of a magical surge the likes of which the island had never seen. A foreboding omen to be certain. Though their future—like that of their parents' union—was full of possibilities, the extent of the alder moon's influence over the children remained to be seen.

While not alive during the journey, Eury was conceived soon after her father's pilgrimage to visit his mother's grave. With Toril in tow, they were able to reflect on recent tragic events and realize what mattered most. And although the pair finally confessed their feelings for one another, they hadn't planned to start a family of their own.

Eury and her siblings' existence came as a shock to them both; but nonetheless, the news marked the next chapter in their lives together.

Third-born of the litter and her sire's namesake, Euryale was a handful from her first breath. Kicking, yelping and crawling all over her brothers and sister, it was fortunate that she tired quickly at the time. Such was not the case when she could finally leave the den, though. As she immediately became enamoured with the world around her. Eager to explore, and to cause headaches for anyone foolish enough to get in her way. 


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Toril >>
Kalleis >>
Enlil >>
Moisa >>
Petrichor >>


Coat >> Dusky Brown
Eyes >> Cherrywood Brown

>> Sleeps with her eyes open. Drools a bunch. Terrible roommate.

Contact >> Discord [databull#7174]
Random Events >> Yes
Design >> @/data-bull

07.16.2022 >> Draft created.
11.02.2022 >> Accepted.

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I am so freaking excited for this little storm baby omg 🥺 I love the way you’ve finalised her pelt 💕💕💕