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Horror and Macabe Brushes

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yay! my first set of brushes! XD

In the preveiw are just some of the brushes that are in the set, there are more once downloaded.

These are just some random brushes that have to do with dark things and horror and such. I found all the images except the skull and heart in one of the text brushes on google sso they are copyrighted to their owners. All the text however is to me. The fonts go to from which i got them. X3 Enjoy.

Made in Adobe Photoshop Elements
© 2006 - 2020 data-7-panther-dude
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I've downloaded them, but whenever I try to look at the file, I come up blank. any tips??
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Cool (:
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I downloaded this one and some others and can't figure out where they went :( but i love them
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beautiful, love them. Downloaded =)
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ooh I see some TBM lyrics in there ^_^
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X3 hehe yes. and thanks for the comment
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Ho I love them! Are they compatible with Photoshop 7?
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They should be. Or so they work on mine. ^ ^
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Oh, and if you use, please fav. and or comment and feel free to show me what you can do with them. ^^
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