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Don't miss my BLOG:
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Hi there,

I'm really sorry, but since I have my own blog, I forget to post news in my journal, here on dA.
So, please: Follow my blog for much much more information! :-) I know, its in german, but there are also a lot of making-of-photos from all my recent projects!!
Take a look behind the mirror:

I went through all my old journal entries today, that's why I thougt, it's time for a new one.
I deleted some stuff but also found some funny and quite interesting pieces. I've never been a girl, who was writing a diary but dA became something like that. And now there is my blog and I really love this new tool. :-) (Well, I know...a real diary isn't public...)

Soo....what's going on in my life right now?
I still study and it's still quite interesting, funny and sometimes annoying. ;-) My best friend "escaped" from his family to Australia and comes back in the end of july. :heart: Hildesheim is still a very unglamorous town and even Hannover isn't that pretty, but I really should enjoy the time I spend here because it will be over tooooo fast. The friends I found here, are soooo awsome, gourgeous,'s always so much fun to spend time with them and they are one, very important reason why studying is so damn cool. THANK YOU! (Yep...I always wanted to say this^^)

This year, my sweatheart and I will visit the M'Era Luna Festival again. I'm so excited! Placebo live!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh! :heart:

Well, I guess, you all have a very nice overview about what's happening in my world, at the moment. :-)

See ya....
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Hey guys,

I think it's time for an update and some great news. ;-)
There are soooo many ideas in my mind for new self-portraits and I'll start realizing them soon!! This will be fun.
So be warned: There will also be a plushy, white easter-bunny-thing... =D

I am still at home in Dresden until the upcoming monday. The third semester starts at wednesday and I'm really excited and happy about it.
But there's something left I have to do: Two photoshootings with two great guys and there are some dates for shoots in Hildesheim, too. I hope, this will be a great spring full of new photos with much malemodel-power. ^^

Please don't forget to have a look at my blog for much more works and some "behind the mirror"-information:

Have fun. :-)
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I'll write most of the posts in german but I hope, you'll have fun joining it.....

And no.....I'll never be on facebook.... :-p

Soon, I'll upload many works I made during the last semester, here on dA. So there will be more in my gallery than just photography, soon. ^^

I wish all of you a great time and a lovely winter. :heart:
....and don't forget to follow my blog. =D
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Hello my dear friends,

I just wanted to wish all of you a merry christmas. ;-)

I wasn't very active in uploading stuff the last months. The time is running, I guess. The 2nd semester is almost over. :-O

Hildesheim still sucks.......especially now, at christmas time, I miss my golden, glamorous Dresden. :heart:

Christmas is near by DasYassY

Little taste of it. ;-) Maybe I'll take some more pictures next week........

That's it for now. I wish all of you a great christmas!

My premium-membership is almost over, so I should use it for a last feature:

Zombie Zodiac: Pisces by Ashwings

Mature Content

Zombie Zodiac: Aries by Ashwings

Revolting Zombies by DomNX Zombie Walk Poster 2011 by AbigailLarson
Hello guys,

again there are many news and some things has happened since the last journal.

Well, first of all: Tomorrow, my best friend will return from the USA to Germany. I'm so excited and soooo happy to have him back. :heart: We haven't seen each other for two looong years.

As you can see, there are some new photos from the sea. :heart:
My sweetheart and I had been at the north sea for a few days and we also had a photoshooting there. After our vacation, we visited the M'Era Luna Festival in Hildesheim (there are advantages of living there =D) and it was great!
I took many analog pictures - 3 films! Pics will follow soon, but one developed film is missing (Still in HI, but I'm back in Dresden now).   

One week after the M'Era Luna and one day before driving back to DD, we had a shooting with the fabulous HANNY HONEYMOON. :iconhanny-honeymoon:
When you see the pictures, you'll know what I mean when I say: She's a perfect model! :heart:

And last, but not least: Today I met a good friend and model for shooting again - Janis. You know him from former shoots like Ne.oN by DasYassY broken by DasYassY
It was the fourth time and it's always great to work and spend time with him. He's so funny, it hurts.
The concept today was "Dia de los Muertos"....or Doctor Death, as he calls himself (2 hours doing the make-up, 1 hour taking photos^^). =D So you can be very excited about the results. ;-)

Well, as you can see I'm rather busy at the moment, but also very very happy. :heart:

See ya soon,
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Hello my dear friends,

time is running, isn't it?
I finished my first semester last week and I can't believe that it took five months. It felt like only one....
I found so many great people and friends. Of course it wasn't always easy, the last weeks were very hard, but at the end I'm really happy and satisfied.
At the moment I'm back home, in Dresden and I'll enjoy the time. Since I live in Hildesheim, I love and appreciate my home much more than before.

But a totally new surrounding brings a lot of new models and faces. :-) Two weeks before I had my very very first nude-shooting with a male model. We realized a project, which was in my head for years. It took a lot of preperation and it was not so easy to do.... There were some sleepless nights with lots of excitement and desperation.
I haven't edited the whole series yet, but one happy day you'll see the results....... (I think, I like the analog ones most, as always...)

BUT there are many many analog (and some self-developed :heart:) photos waiting of being presented to you! =D
And again I'm full of ideas and creativity. ^^

Have a great time! :-)
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Fall for you by Healzo 113 by aleksandra88 :thumb177866741:

Mature Content

My.....'Parting' Gift by FleshArtiste
The Gray Lady by brigidashwood The Cat by Tooshtoosh

iHomer by motadacruz iMarge by motadacruz

Hana-mi Lantern by WindyLife Serenity III -Sakura- by WindyLife Poppy. IV by AlexEdg lemon sorbet eye by ftourini Sweet Like Chocolate by ulorinvex

Laced by girltripped fashion website by BreeLeman
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A new feature. :-)

Please enjoy the beautiful pictures and feel free, to have a look on my other features.

Melbourne Skyline Night Time by Furiousxr Hillarys Boat Harbour Pano by Furiousxr

The Pier by JonnyGoodboy Extremities by JonnyGoodboy The Pier... by dachimas

crossing thoughts by detail24 59 by YanaBondareva Watermelon- II by AlexEdg

Mature Content

:-.-: by kahengrace
miracle by kahengrace Ulorin Vex - Black Lace by PhantomOrchid

Syringa by AlexEdg

Mature Content

The Rain by AncillaTilia
Lloth-1 by Candra Which Side by ToolKitten

And a very special one:

why.. by Gwali
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Enjoy the beautiful pictures! :-)

:thumb88336274: another reality by SabrinaCichy breath in - let go by SabrinaCichy cloud it, then rain us by mohdfikree Onyx frog by ladymorgana

mystery phone booth -color v01 by oione phone2 by oione

1109 by aleksandra88 Mr. and Mrs. Duck by MarcoHeisler huhuuu by Inside-my-ART :thumb130970880:

Sunlight by Ophelia-Overdose Fly Ladybug, Fly by diggedy Pandapus by Exullium iMaggie by motadacruz
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Hey guys,

another feature again. Please enjoy this great art!

patience by werol Rays of Light by Rykardo The Last Shot by hougaard

.:Orchid Dream V:. by RHCheng curious II by JuliaDunin Olia II by larafairie

hope by heartworking late by heartworking lantern_night by lorlandchain

Autumn by Nairon Spring Breeze by widjita TinkerBell and Captain HOOK by J-Scott-Campbell Harry Potter and the HB Prince by daekazu

86290 by aleksandra88 3456689 by aleksandra88
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Hi guys,

please enjoy another feature with beautiful pictures by great artists! :-)

101 by YanaBondareva Friends by WindyLife Lantern Fes at Yamaga city by WindyLife Desert Storm by hougaard Enlightened Pier by Rykardo

Dream Catcher by Dianae Saint Silver Germain by Candra Skat of Foxes Card game by Culpeo-Fox

Mature Content

Captive Succubus by Candra
Fairy of Halloween Pumpkin by Candra

iSideshowBob by motadacruz Pygmy Humragon by Exullium BATMAN BEGINS by particle9 checkers by fizzgig

tema by candas Silence by Ophelia-Overdose heavy set by ladyrapid   approach by heartworking

spring_child by oprisco woman by hazhangzhong

LoveOdysee by Jesar Waterfall Castle matte art by fstarno
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My dear friends,

please enjoy those beautiful pictures and check out the artist's gallerys!

Fragile by Ophelia-Overdose :thumb116874533: The red perfume by Annie-Bertram Toujours dans l'attente II by WildRainOfIceAndFire Red Queen by PhantomOrchid  
traum.versunken II by silent-order Beauty by la-esmeralda Ariel of the Sea by alicexz All the flowers in the World by Oer-Wout little fish by porcelainveins

Mature Content

Alt Mag 2 by miss-mosh

Mature Content

Candy by ulorinvex
Showist by miss-mosh

prelude by kahengrace   Geisha by luciole
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Another color, another feature.

Have fun, enjoy the photos and have look in the artists galleries! :-)

Paris - La Defense by xMEGALOPOLISx Wind's Melody by nilgunkara Stay true to yourself by Healzo
deep blue 2 by Gwali :: LAVERA LUCA:: by rachor-photography

Mature Content

Wish by Akrolikowska

Mature Content

Anthrazit by MaximsPhotos

Mature Content

Venus II by miss-mosh

Mature Content

bitter.kalt XIII by silent-order

Mature Content

kiss your ass by SabineSchoenberger

I knew it... by nabey fair flight by robinpika Wild Thing by ulorinvex
The Endless Wallpaper by CrisVector spring fashion by BreeLeman
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Hey guys,

that's my second feature here on dA.
Please enjoy great pictures from my black-collection an visit the galleries of those great artists!

Child of the empire. by immanuel :thumb124477670: Of black and light by ChristineAmat
60562 by kubicki Birds of Prey - issue 7 by Artgerm Dead Mans Hand by AndrewDobell

all my books by nola-nola

Mature Content

don't ask, don't tell by scottchurch

Chateau de Cheverny by EbruSidar Zebra by NicolasEvariste :thumb154791164:
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Enjoy the time and let me show you some great photos by great artists. :heart:

Tulips - I by AlexEdg Convallaria majalis. 02 by AlexEdg Convalaria by AlexEdg schneegloeckchen. by simoendli
Angk by Al-Baum flowers for winter by lichtfaengerin Cycle by Inside-my-ART .: first night :. by biszkopciik
Lost and found II by Inside-my-ART Light give life by Inside-my-ART Light and truth by Inside-my-ART .: silence :. by biszkopciik

All the flowers in the World by Oer-Wout

just a little kuddl plzzzzz by Gwali

And some springfashion:
Spring Cranes Corset by taeliac
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  • Listening to: Christina Aguilera
  • Reading: Klaus Mann "Der fromme Tanz"
  • Watching: Simons cat <3
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Hello my dear friends,

I hope, you're fine.

The last months were very chaotic but exciting and much fun. I moved to Hildesheim (next to Hannover, still Germany) and started studying graphicdesign. I'm so happy.
There are many new people and most of them are very very nice. :-) There'll also be a lot to do and to learn and I'm sooo excited about everything. :heart:
Of course, I miss my boyfriend and my mom very much, but I try to come home every second weekend.

My flat ist sooooo beautiful, but not finished yet. There are small things missing.....(small things like a sofa, haha).

Well, I just wanted to give a little update.
Have a great week, folks. =D

P.S. It's spriiing!

just a little kuddl plzzzzz by Gwali gardening work by Gwali why.. by Gwali it's no xmas-gained tummy by Gwali
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Hello my dear friends,

I hope you enjoyed Christmas a lot! Now the year 2010 is almost over and I've got something to tell ya:

I found a college place!!!!!! Woooohooooooo!
If everything works, I'll study graphic-design in Hildesheim.

This was the perfect gift for Christmas, you know. :-) The whole Christmastime was perfect....I also have my own car now...=D

When I find enough time for editing my photos from my last Vienna-trip, I'll upload them. You can be excited....:-)
But I have soooo many new games on my computer and they are sooo much fun... You know what I mean....^^

Ok, that's all for now.
See you next year! :-)
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Hi guys,

I spent a few days in Vienna (again) with my boyfriend. It was sooooo great and i took much more good photos than in April. We also had a photoshooting with a beautiful model in our hotelroom. Winning nights in expensive hotels is a great thing. :heart:
But now we are back and the ugly reality too. There is so much new trouble, I'd rather grap my boyfriend and escape again. London? Paris? Budapest?

Of course, you can be excited about new photos. I had two photoshoots and new photos of beautiful Vienna. :heart:

Ok, that's enough updating....=D
See ya!

P.S.: Thank you for traveling with Deutsche Bahn! :stupidme:
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Hey guys,

I hope you're doing well.

I don't.

I'm really frustrated about some persons for different reasons. For example the so-called "photomodels"! Argh! :chainsaw: There are some guys who wanted to work with me but they think, they don't need to talk to me anymore. It drives me wild. I don't want to be the one who always runs after them.
What's about honesty? If they'd tell me, that they aren't interested anymore in working with me, it would be much easier and I don't need to waste my time...

What shall I do? Cancel the planned shoots or run and run and waiting for answers?

By the way.....
If you want and if you like the photo, you can vote for me here: self-portraits-group.deviantar… (right side)

Have a great week-end!