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I love this your so funny my favorite is...


I don't really care much for politics. In times like these or even 10 years with Bush, the country and even the world is in turmoil and I can't help to know what's going on and trying be part of until everything returns to normal.

The 'Asian Nationalism' idea I've been have, it's just a concept of an organization(s) hope that Asians in the US could form a unity where they feel safe and belong.
White people has them, Black people has them. We already have one but I want to expand it and be more nationalistic.

I'm very sure I say on behalf of most Asians in America we don't want to involve in politics, all we really want is to be left alone, live our lives in peace.
We only involve in politics if there are problems that affects us that we can't tolerate or ignore. That's why we rarely see Asians protest as a whole.
Altho I do understand you, I'll need to inform you that isolating each other because "race", fuels racism.

I have have moved from the big cities to the small villages that where entirely only white, let me tell you how i have heard the most racist things out of the nicest people out there and than i moved back to the city where "races" where mixed and the racism just gone.

So the conclousion i made is that if "races" are separated from each other we don't experience each other and that will create a hole in our knowledge of each other and it will be filled with bigotry, because that is really the only thing we experience from each other.

If you still hold your opinion, fine by me, but keep this information in mind.
That idea about moving back to Asia, it's just of several insane ideas, it's more like 'Plan C' if both 'Plan A' or 'B' don't work.

'Plan B' is that we Asians should take over California and maybe rest of West Coast states and turn them into one Asian country in America. I call it "New Asia."
The idiotic Far-Left masses in California wanted a succession out of the US and the American Conservatives are willing to give it up.
Besides, would you rather have the Mexicans, the SJW Communists, or even the Islamists to have California? If they do, we Asians here would be treated as second-class citizens.
We Asians should control California. It's 'us or them'.

This sound extremely racist, unlike most minorities, we Asians are civilized.
In general if not stereotypical, we have a strong moral code and traditions and value education and family; we're basically Conservatives but in our Asian values.
Asians whom came to this state/country/continent worked very hard: building railroads, farms, shops, restaurants, cleaning people's dirty laundry, now we help on people taxes and bank accounts. They face discrimination and even death and they remain nonviolent.
All I'm saying is, we deserve credit for our hard work and don't want to be screwed.
By taking over this American land, we are doing what our ancestors should've done before: colonization.
I have this crazy idea, if we take over, our ancestors will be proud of us when we meet them in afterlife.

Also, I want to prove that we Asians in America are better than our counterparts in Asia as we are united in friendship, unlike in Asia. Asians in Asia don't get along for national reasons.
Possible true Pan-Asianism.

What's 'Plan A'? That's where we are right now: get along with other people peacefully. Do nothing and avoid politics hoping problems solve themselves. But trying to be good Americans and help keep California and the West Coast states stay in the Union.

So Plan A,B, and C.
If we can't get along with others and socio-political problems getting worst, we take over.
If we can't take over, we move back to Asia.

But I do hope this won't happen.
I should have told you that I even have a crazy idea that we Asians in America should return back to Asia; to our native countries in our native continent. Depending on the circumstances here and in Asia.

If America (including Canada) becoming unbearable to live in due to the political, economic, social, and environmental climate.
But first, we need to make enough money, goods, and resources to go back; I even think we should build our own ships and even planes. Like the Ark build in case of disaster.

Also, I believe going back to Asia is for the great good. With our Western knowledge and education, we should improve lifestyle in Asia, more modernized and self-efficient, freer and healthier; a better Asia.

I love this country and this continent but the sad question is do we really belong here?
The earliest Asians, depending which ethnics, came here in large groups was about 200 years ago and still coming today; we're not here long enough as Whites and Blacks and don't have much history. They built most of this country and fought wars here and we just came in as if were free.

That's why I've been kind of 'obsessed' with Western and American culture and history, to learn more as I can to prove that I belong here than just my birth.
Indeed crazy, ethnicity should not determine where one should be, we're all humans after all.
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Believe me, I'm aware, I probably believe in the same ideas as you do. But given the current circumstances, I'm not sure we can ever unite other races. The SJWs, different races and group join together just to hate White people and Western culture.
I can't only fear they might do the same to Asians because we are viewed more 'privileged' than most minorities.

This is inexcusable but we didn't started, the racism problem already happening and we may have no choice but to go along with it. We tried to be friendly and reasonable but if they don't like us then we don't like them.

I really hate to say this but if diversity is failing? But I still believe in it.