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I am willing to WORK to make art. And you should be willing to PAY if that thought ever happens to cross your mind.

Do NOT send me a note asking for "Trades." Trades do not pay my rent.

That being said, in most cases, I would be more than happy to draw something upon request, and you will be invoiced for services rendered.

Prices are reasonable, Illustrations generally range from $20-$60 on average.

I reserve the right to deny any request.
Cheesecake, or suggestive/pinup type art will be determined on a case by case basis.
I do not draw porn.

That concludes my public service announcement. Now to get back to drawing.
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A4, not 1080p.

Also an effort to cross-promote or use social media to shill my wares.

Finish off my debts.

And draw/animate a helluva lot more.

2017 was not a banner year for me.
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Just a minor epiphany, I've been almost lamenting having purchased an Android Cintiq Companion Hybrid, which serves me well on many fronts, video player, music, books media, writing station, even old rom emulation, there's plenty of usable apps even though as a hardware piece was outdated by the time I'd bought it.

Oh yeah, and I use Sketchbook Pro on it for illustration work.

Though a recent Mac update basically nulled my video card, so I can't use it as a Cintiq Screen for my mac anymore until I find a decent replacement for that. Not like it was any good functionally anyways, since I'd always have to wrestle with the OS to get the damn thing to work with the Mac, and updates are always few or none.

I'd also been floating towards maybe purchasing a Surface.

But then came the minor redemption: Sketchbook has a layer function. And it can export them to a functioning Photoshop file. And I can get about 12 layers, and I tried this little experiment, roughing in a few would be animated frames. Export to Photoshop, reorder the layers and Eureka! I can now use my Cintiq to create animations 12 frames at a time. It's a start, but it's provided me an interesting, and natural, if not downright useful workflow.
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Resolution:  Shutting up, putting my money where my mouth is, and getting back to freaking animation.  Now that I've been able to afford the Cintiq I've been so desperately needing/craving, I can refocus my efforts. My plan is as usual a sketch everyday, which I can attest has gotten a LOT easier now that I can take it with me. (Sketchbook Pro posts directly to DeviantArt now, so another perk.) On top of that though, I need to train myself to step up to the bar as animator.  To that effect, I plan to do routine animation practice, via animated gifs (probably every other day or so),  retraining myself to use Flash, I got a new Mic, and built a sound-dampener box, so I can record dialogue again, (doing voicework, yay!).

So TL:DR;  I'm animating. Enough dreaming, enough hoping, enough bellyaching.  I'm working for it.

What magnificent projects do I have in store?
For the time being, I have 2.

A batman parody short (done in flash), to get back on THAT horse.  The script is really funny. Plan to have that up and running in the first quarter of the year here.

And a reboot of Captain Kelly's First issue, working up to a deadline of May, and getting it prepped, and printed for an Artist Alley table at Phoenix Comic-Con.  A new Layout (more "cinematic") to look more like storyboards and an expanded storyline.

Everything else is still in play, Maggie and Mitch, Popoki, Lemon Curry, may even start a few new blogs, get all "social" online, and "be connected". *Gag*

But it's another year, fresh start, good time to set goals to work towards.

I should probably keep a more frequent journal as well. At least once a week.
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Just wanted to Jot down a reminder, this is a journal after all. 
I am fine, a bit dazed from the day's events, but still in one piece, though the car i was driving for deliveries is going to need some body work and repairs.
On the plus side, walking away from trauma, usually inspires me to draw to combat stress, and calm my nerves.
So something good will come of it, if only some sketches.
Well It's finally happened.

My faithful Graphire 3, which I've used for the past 8 years has finally given up the ghost, the USB connection cable is frayed and unresponsive, so it looks like I'm going to have to buy a new one...somehow.... (so freaking poor, no freaking jobs hiring)

This is going to kill my digital livelyhood, but I still have traditional tools (Pencil, Inks, Paints, Markers) at my disposal, so...

Commissions anyone? Anything goes, within reason. And you can take the digital, or I can Mail the original, your choice.
$10(B/W)-20(Color) on heavy duty cardstock. Note me for questions.
About 25, should be enough to afford a Bamboo Capture (plus s&h).
Pass this along? Tell friends? I need help.

Open Slots:
1. :iconwindycitypuma: - Finished
2. (Outside Party - Not Deviant)
3.:iconwindycitypuma: - In Progress
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Indiegogo didn't work, Kickstarter's the same, no one's reading my comic pages, 3D has gotten way too overly complex for me to even think of competing professionally. I can't afford guilds, cons or societies dues like Siggraph or comic-con. I have zero dollars in my account. (Though I might Mturk for some spare change) I can't find work despite searching, every effort feels like a fruitless endeavour. Yet something is compelling me onward, compelling me to keep at it.

I need something new though, a reprieve, a collaboration, a friend, anything. I need a fresh approach.  I'm going back to cartooning.  I'm going to simplify designs so I can animate them. Or write something new. 

I just don't know anymore.  It's the Summer heat getting to me, which is usually coupled with barely freaking eeking by financially, because no one spends anything in Arizona in the Summer months, they either clam up and remain indoors, or leave town, because it's so freaking hot. 

And it makes me miserable. Just miserable.  And there's no escape.

Except maybe drawing naked people. Or making up stories in the hot madness that consumes my mind.
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We're trying something new.  Looking to raise a little over $2500 for a desperately needed Wacom, and I'm offering a commission "perk" campaign to raise the funds. Pencils, Inks or Full-color.  Art for the masses, a new tool for me.  And the ability to step up production about 12-fold.  

The bonus perk is that I will finally be able to drop full-time into comic productions, on all five of my series, and share them for free with interested readers.

Share with Friends, help me fund it, buy a perk and let me draw for you.  Please help me be successful.…
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Dustbunny Pictures has had a bit of new life breathed into it.  

There was a server changeover, a forced reload and fixing up and long overdue update of the WHOLE site.
There's been some tweaks and streamlining, and now it's busting to the gills, full of new art in the galleries (which I'm still adding to, as I dig through my files/archives, scan, and upload).

Comics is next up on the overhaul schedule, adding pages to those series I've been drawing/writing, but lost the time to scan, upload etc. for one reason or another.

Also going to add a section for "Hoodrat" in comics (and movies, a secret little project I've been working on in in the shadows. SHhhh...

I'm also thinking it's high time I sell myself. LOOK AT THE COMMISSIONS RATES PAGE! PLEASE!! I'M STARVING TO DEATH HERE!!!!!

More highlights and film at 11...
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For a whole year.  Like Vitamins.  To help me exercise my talent a bit more.
Check in the scrapbook. Every so often I'll post a few more. Some polished, some rough.

I may or may not work some ideas to full illustration, but at the very least it'll give me 365 new original pieces. I can compile them later.
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It is Today.  I am 34.
And I is awesome.
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I'm leaving 2012 in the dust.  I spit on it's corpse and bid it good riddance, clutching the few spots of good it might have offered.
Now on to the next beast. 2013. And the things I would like to strive for.

Full time. I desperately need it.  Substitute teaching, and the occasional charitable soul tossing me an odd job, just aren't cutting the mustard. I might return for a Masters in Fine Arts, go into retarded amounts of debt. Makes about as much sense as anything else right now. Hell, I might even endeavour for a change of scenery.
Arizona has done nada for me in the past 3 years, but grief.  I'm shooting for a move to Cali, Seattle or New York. We'll see if that pans out.

- A CINTIQ - Not a resolution, but something I could REALLY use.  It'd improve my workload like 500%

I'm not sure where to stand with this one.  A comic seems like a bad idea at this point.  It was really meant to be an anime spoof, so I've moved into the animation realm.  I mean I have scripts.  I need some female voice actors, and I could get a better start.  Would look great hand drawn, like simple animation.  Might have to do partial 3D, since I've been working on a few sets and character models in Maya to use as reference.  (Actually more like simple refs BG's so I can keep the characters in proportion as I draw, and give the polygons a treatment to match the style.  TLDR: Lots of BG, Preprodution for Maggie Anime, Need Girl voices, will pop out occasional art.

4. IGP
Been a while, but I dug out my archives, and I found this little gem of a long forgotten story.  I forgot how involved and complex it was.  And actually well thought out, good sci-fi story.  I've been scripting the further issues, (up to 7 of 9).  And I think my art style has improved a bit since I first drew it, so it might get a slight reboot. At least I can see a definite end to this one's story in sight. So it would constitute a completable project. With an option to pick up again or spin off later.

A lot more writing to be done this year.  Still a lot of good ideas floating around in there, I really need to script more, work out the coherency in the plot details.

This is almost a complete failure of a series.  ALMOST.  The ideas are still valid, although the budget and time to produce are practically non-existent. I do have a third episode in pieces on one of my drives, but there was some manaical thought behind the scenes of not making it a typical "internet review show" like it starts out to be, but instead turning it into something a little more sinister, a little unexpected and random and non-sequitur, plot wise, a bit like it's namesakes (Monty Python and Futurama).  Basically a total derailment of concept, in lieu of an actual plot. We'll see what happens.
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Now all my prices are up for the curious folks who'd like me to draw for them, and have always wondered how much I charge. Seems to have been hampering me lately, thought I'd get this up, along with my voice reel, etc. Run a real little business.…

Sucks being poor.
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I've been meaning to put one of these together for a while now.…

I turned out funnier than I thought as I wrote and then recorded it this morning.
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The Next Episode of LCSPS is up. Mr. Rossi's Dream.…
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The first episode of my new review show.
Watch it here:…

Comments welcome.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I had a Birthday, (today is my older brother's b-day). I've been a busy dude.

I feel good. I feel refreshed, and I'm ready to grab the new year by the cajones and swing it around a bit until it submits to my will.

I am now working on doing some content for
Lemon Curry's Saucy Puppet Show. (LCSPS)

I am pouring a little bit of everything I know into a review show for Blip.

It's got a little bit of 3D animated puppetry, some corny dialogue and storylines, my wealth of knowledge on all things animation, and perhaps some minor impact trauma to the head that may have shook something loose, and inspired this madness.
I've been kidnapped and forced to watch cartoons against my will as part of an "animation internship".  Basically, I give synopsis and reviews of some lost "gems" of the animation world (real stinkers, obscurities, total train wrecks and whatever else tickles my fancy), while trying to keep my sanity, despite my captor and benefactor's best effort's to drive me over the edge.

Like a far distant grandson of MST3K, but with more cartoons.

Links will be posted soon, Episode one is almost ready for air. Future releases, probably on a bi-weekly basis.


Sketchy-Sketchy/Random Girl Art (RGA)
Back on the drawing horse, for now.  Figure I'll post more from "inception to completion" this year.  Even starting to love my sketches again. Have quite a few good ones, one idea sparks several others, I just need to keep drawing, that's the key.
This may also become a "minor" show, just film myself drawing, maybe musing.


Kawaii Usagi Anime Taimu!
And the third idea.  A companion show to LCSPS. The Japanese counterpart, reviewing terrible old and/or good new Animes. With Dasu to Bani. (Still working on it.)


Murasaki Majo Maggie Matilla
Oh yeah, and New year's resolution is to have Issue 1 of "Maggie" done by May and hopefully in print, ready for Phoenix Comic-con. It's a reasonable and achievable goal.
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As of June 1, I've been secretly working on and adding New Pages to my little comic here:…
You should probably read it and check back weekly for a new page or two.
That is all.

This should be quite a trip.
After "test-marketing" a bit at this year's Phoenix Comic-con, it seems Maggie holds the most character appeal, and since my nerd batteries are recharged, I now have the drive and motivation to go full steam ahead on the project, and at least get through the first issue giving a decent setup and premise. (About 40 Pages or so.)
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I need some income, even if it's a little bit, something to keep me afloat,
So I'm going to hock some original sketches.
"Sketches of what?" you ask?

Well.  Pretty Girls.  Sexy Ladies. Awesome things. Whatever tickles my fancy.
See I have this talent for drawing good looking ladies.  I fear it goes to waste, and maybe it'd be good to share it.


Enter the RGA Project.

Random Girl Art.  Each one up for grabs to the highest bidder or interested party.  
Theirs to keep. One of a kind.
3 a week, unless I decide otherwise.

More info to come.
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Summary - I want people to read Maggie and Mitch, I need to get it on paper, and some musing on how digital comic distribution might not be such a bad idea. :/


So, I went to my local comic shop (Atomic Comics) and while looking at the "local artists" rack, and then again at the "wall-o-funded titles", I got to thinking, and I've been debating it over in my head.  People make comics all the time, some good stories, some bad, some funny, some dramatic, some complete commercial sellouts......

And as I write it, Maggie and Mitch is becoming this really great little story, but what good does it avail me if I am unable to share it with anyone? (Think it was, Matthew 5:15-16, King James Version of the Bible, look it up.)

There's a part of me that lives in paranoia about people stealing my ideas, or plagiarism, or just being poor and never making a dime off my art.  I'm already at that point, (post-grad starving artist, much?) so nowhere to go from there but up.  And I figure, with all the "social media" and people sharing files all over the internet anyways, regardless of the artist's wishes, it seems a better idea to embrace the madness, at least it grows your audience...

That said I've resolved to the following: At LEAST one page, full color, per week of Maggie and Mitch. Regardless of whatever else I might have going on, work or personal. To be posted on places like my blog and my devart page. Hell, maybe even take the time to post it on my domain server and redo the homepage to something befitting a "webcomic" as it were. Maybe even digital distribution as like a CBR file. (Comic Book Rar, Comic Book Reader? Whatever, it's a collected edition, or digital trade paperback as far as I'm concerned.)

Which brings up another interesting thought, as to WHY it might be a good idea going digital. In the comic store I have the pressure of a salesperson breathing down my neck, when I might like to thumb through a few pages, or find a new title, to see it I like something (damn plastic covers) That first trip I buy nothing. Instead, I'd looked online for digital copies of titles.  I read them, REALLY enjoy the stories, and at least 90% of the time will go right back and buy the same comic (usually the trades).  So it's a good thing. Like a test drive or a library checkout.  I want to know I'm getting a good story to read.

I figure at this point I JUST want to tell the story.  If people want to buy a hardbound copy, once I've got enough pages done, I'll publish it, or get a publisher, or something.  But online seems just as good a place as any to gain some readership.

Same can be said of Captain Kelly, or any of my other comics waiting on paper and sketchbooks. I just need to DO them.

So be on the lookout.  The purple witch and her enchanted bear are soon to debut in sequential art form.
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