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Genesis 5th Anniversary

By DasUnicorm
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Using data to post this, but I can still hardly believe that I’m still working on this comic sometimes. I thought I was going to be done in two years or less when I first started out lol

Happy birthday to my kiddos!

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CONGRATS ON YOUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY!! it is so sweet to look at this one and the past few anniversary pics and just seeing how far youve come and how far these kid have come i would water them with my TEARS

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THANKS FRIEND! And yee! Some babies are smiling for once in their lives XD (Not Prime tho, he doesn't get smiling rights) And plz water these children so they can grow big and strong

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CRIES i will forever cry and water these kids I love them bless Cry forever I believe one day Prime will be allowed smiling rights i will wait for that day

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Oh 5th anniversary!! That's a significant number! Congrats on getting here!

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eeee thank you!

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Congrats on your comic anniversary!

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Aaaah thank you!

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I love them. ;w;

Also, if you expected to be done in a certain time, did you already planned the whole story?

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I've had most of the major beats figured out for a while now, but the other inbetween things have been written as I go

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Aww this is such a cute pic. Congrat on the 5 year anniversary, your dedication to your comic is amazing!! 👏👏👏
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