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Cacofonix .:scetch:.

This scetch is a gift for *VampiraLady who solved the quiz I put in the artist´s comment of [link] first.

She asked for a scetch of Cacofonix (or Troubadix, as we know him in Germany).
I decided to use a painting of swedish artist Ernst Josephson (1851-1906) as reference.
I chose the painting because the second person in it is listening to the musician in resignation with a certain facepalm-gesture :facepalm:
Remember the adventure where Cacofonix is actually ALLOWED to sing? :XD:
:star: EDIT :star:
:iconholaplz: ~Optio-Centuriae solved the quiz. I asked for both the Asterix-adventure were Cacofonix IS allowed to sing which is "Asterix and the Magic Carpet"/"Astérix chez Rahàzade"/"Asterix im Morgenland" ([link]) AND the title of the reference picture which is "David and Saul" ([link]). Look closely at King Saul´s facepalm :iconholaplz:

Other potential references were these:
And these two that would´ve shown Cacofonix in his role as the village´s teacher, as he is presented in "Asterix and Maestria" ("Asterix and the Secret Weapon" in English, "La Rose et le Glaive" in French):

:star: EDIT :star:
I almost forgot: I changed the jug David carries with him in the original picture into a vessel of the Late Latène-period (ca. 150-25 B.C.), at the end of which Asterix and his friends "lived".

Cacofonix and Rajah Wotzit/Radscha Nihamavasah/rajah Cékouhaçà are (c) to Albert Uderzo and René Groscinny.
The reference is (c) to Ernst Josephson.
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This is an AMAZING piece :ohnoes:

I love how you drew Cacofonix, even if we just see his back, I love how the hair and his face turned out. It's perfect
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Thank you very much.
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As you already know I absolutely adore these sketches, especially when Asterix and the gang are involved XD This is really well done: it's very clever and nicely drawn, both of them turned out great! I think it's really neat that you are using these characters in the pictures based on world-known art (although I failed to realize which painting this one is based on, thanks for the link!). I'm looking forward to see more of these! :la:
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Wow, auf meinem Handy ist es mir endlich möglich zu kommentieren. Was auch immer mein web Browser für Probleme hat.
Wie auch immer:
Du hast die Charaktere wirklich sehr gut getroffen. *.* Die Schattierungen gefallen mir aber irgedwie noch am besten. Queen of Schattierungen, das bist du!
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Mit einem TK-Stift (besserer Minenstift) ist das Schattieren mit Schraffuren recht einfach und sieht sehr schnell sehr professionell aus ;p
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I recall this. "Asterix and the Magic Carpet". :D (I like Cacofonix. AKA Stopthemusix and Malacoustix :lol:) The one time he was depended upon to sing...and he loses his voice. :laughing: This is NICE work! :clap: He looks happy to oblige but the Raja doesn't seem all that convinced. :)
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Again, that’s very clever & nicely drawn… I like very much the changes in the characters’ clothing…
Besides, Goscinny & Uderzo used a lot of artistic references in many panels of the comic books!
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That´s true :nod: One of the most famous is the hommage to "Liberty leading the people" [link]
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this also reminded me of a familiar painting..XD
Tiggidou's avatar
wonderful! this made me laugh a lot
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I was thinking something more like this (because it was part of the story, in an actual panel): [link]
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Oh, yeah, those are present, too, you´re right. =D I understood what you meant but the paintings in the jubilee issue were the only ones I could remember that quickly ^^;
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wonderful! haha I love that you use Asterix characters in pictures based on original world-known arts!
Thank you very much, it's a nice surprise! ^^
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I started to do use such references since the first scetch of this scetch tag, so I´m willing to continue with that procedure. I can gather much information while searching for references and I like to share that.
You´re welcome, it was a pleasure.
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I am in love with this picture!
Incredible work!

Poor rajah! :D
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