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Some of you may have noticed that I haven't done much art for quite some time. Well, of course the last season is over for 2 months already, but even before that I haven't worked on many vectors. What I was actually doing was training my drawing skills, especially my sketching. That took me actually quite long, but eventually I managed to get a few decent sketches done. With the help of Bra1nEater I even managed to get a somewhat 3D-looking sketch done, which still took me about 3 days.

As I wasn't happy with only doing sketches over and over again, I then decided to start learning some shading techniques. That by itself wasn't too hard, as I was already used simple shading from my vectors, and I only had to adopt it to Krita. Bra1nEater was really helpful, helping me and giving me advices along the road, sharing a lot of his knowledge and techniques with me (seriously, thanks for that!).

Right now I'm still improving the shading of the skin, but soon I want to move on with the mane and the skin color. But for now I don't want you to wait much longer anymore to get something to see (I've been working on this for 15 days, with lots of breaks still, and I'll surely still take some time to finish this). So enjoy this little preview, I hope you like it. Till then!

Ponyhead - Work in Progress by dasprid
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Hehe, keep up the good work ;)