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Why do you leave me?



Oh well, I haven't done anything in a while! Since I almost got to 500 watchers by now and this was the season finale, I thought I'd make a more complete picture again, with both a nice foreground and background. And well, you just know how much I like emotional scenes, so here you have one!

PS: There was a stool in the background, but it was so badly recognizable in the screenshot that I opted for omitting it. Screw that stool! ;)

Anyway, now it's time to wait for season 6, hopefully it will start around the same time as this season, then we only have to wait 5 months! Happy hiatus everypony!

Episode: S05E26
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My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic by :iconfyre-flye:, copyright by Hasbro
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Sunburst left before Starlight grows bitter enough for her to enslave her village.