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Sad Applejack



Well, why is Applejack sad? I have actually no clue, maybe because it took two days to get this mane somehow right? ;)… Anyway, there you have it, more original work :) I think I'm generally getting better with the body shading, and I tried out a new eye style (specifically a variation of the earlier vector experiment). Hope you guys like it!

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Ok then, it's my first Critic but there is a first time for everything (sorry if there is some errors, I'm not english ^^').

A portrait is maybe not that original but it's well done and it's not just a basic face. Here AJ have a really face expression and you took the time to make a really neat background.
But your technique is really excellent : the skin color, texture and the shadows are really beautiful and neat, the skin looks really soft. There is maybe a little lack of details on the mane and the bottom of the background is maybe a little bit empty but except that this draw is of an excellent quality.
The face expression of Applejack is so well-done that you can really feel her sadness, maybe a little tear would make her look even sadder but after all, AJ cry on the inside, right ^^
It's at the level of your scootaloo draw and maybe even better.
Great work guy, keep going that way!