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Sad Applejack

By dasprid
Well, why is Applejack sad? I have actually no clue, maybe because it took two days to get this mane somehow right? ;)… Anyway, there you have it, more original work :) I think I'm generally getting better with the body shading, and I tried out a new eye style (specifically a variation of the earlier vector experiment). Hope you guys like it!

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Ok then, it's my first Critic but there is a first time for everything (sorry if there is some errors, I'm not english ^^').

A portrait is maybe not that original but it's well done and it's not just a basic face. Here AJ have a really face expression and you took the time to make a really neat background.
But your technique is really excellent : the skin color, texture and the shadows are really beautiful and neat, the skin looks really soft. There is maybe a little lack of details on the mane and the bottom of the background is maybe a little bit empty but except that this draw is of an excellent quality.
The face expression of Applejack is so well-done that you can really feel her sadness, maybe a little tear would make her look even sadder but after all, AJ cry on the inside, right ^^
It's at the level of your scootaloo draw and maybe even better.
Great work guy, keep going that way!
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I think a good critique needs to involve some contra points too. Don't give the artist all your honey. A critique is not there for you to tell the artist that you love the fuck out of the picture, but to criticise it. This 'critique' of yours would have made a great comment but it makes a poor critique.
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If It is a pretty drawing then Its hard to find things wrong with It. He gave some pointers like the lack of detail in the mane And At the bottom. A critique doesnt have to be dragging the art true the dirt. The thing About a critique is that you can tell what you like And what you dont like And that is what he did. The best thing would be if the artist could learn something of It. And Reading this i think there are some pointers And tips to learn About.  So i think for a first critique Its fine :)
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Like said, for a critique - that should be more of an essay than a quick idea about the art - it is pretty thin.
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Mmmm i dont agree but if you think do then thats your opinion :/
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for that matter most people trying to write a critique do it wrong. so don't observe the mass and try to learn from it how to do it. Only because most people do it that way doesn't make it correct.
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Then why dont you give the example you say majority doesnt know how to give a critique then why dont you put your actions where your words are And write a critique the right way
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to the current picture or to what picture?
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that hair looks good. i hope you put out more of these experimental pieces in the future :)
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Thanks, I'm actually trying to get into raster drawings right now ;)
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Saw it.  Immediately felt feels. 
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In that case the drawing worked :)
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I love the style what you did
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wow the mane and the eyes and all that stuff looks so well done(: Great work!
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Thank you, took me quite some time to get the mane like I wanted it, I think I tried out 5 different styles.
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No problem and really : o 
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The mane looks superb, well done man.
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Thanks a lot! :)
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Haaa the bodyless horse ! ^^
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Nopony needs bodies! :P
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