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KnifeH likes to show off his butt

By dasprid
Uff, finally I'm done, this really took me forever to make, like… way too long, I stopped counting. So now here I present you my very first, completely self-made piece of vector art, starting from the sketch up to shading and background. I learned a lot about shading when watching KnifeH's stream, so I decided to devote my first piece to him.

What's up next? I don't know, first I'll need a little break from this, plus there's a new episode this Saturday, which means that I'll probably be busy with some easy vectors then. Thanks to JodyKun by the way, as she helped me with finding a signature :)

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What do you mean?
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I don't wanna see his butt.
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The way how you do the background was very unique and I love how you do the shading. I understood that it very difficult to do and I love this wallpaper you made, good work.
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Hey, congratulations on that big step! Looks really good, especially the shading. Makes me wanna eat some marshmallows. :)
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I don't think that KnifeH wants to be a marshmellow :D… And thanks, I really hope to improve further, especially on my time ;)
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My butt be too sexy/cute to handle! <3

Thanks a lot for this and glad that you learned some stuff from watching my stupid stream :3
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Glad you like it! I definitelly learned a lot from watching your stream, plus probably reading a few tutorials about lighting :D
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Pony butts aside, I really like the shading style and background you used for this piece.
I still don't know how to make background like that in any efficient manner. Any recommendations what I could do to learn how to do that?
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Thanks; The background is actually pretty simple. I used spiro-lines for all the curves. Then I took two curves, made one of them mostly transparent and used Inkscape's interpolation extension to get all the steps in between. The rest is just gradients and some screened forms on top of it.

Originally I wanted to use a non-abstract background, but after fighting with that idea for over an hour, I couldn't come up with anything that looked remotely good, so I decided to go with an abstract one instead.
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Thanks for the tip! I've never tried playing with Inkscape's finer features such as this one. I couldn't get this process to work, but my eyes are open to new possibilities! I'll probably look up some tutorials in my spare time so I can find cool tricks.
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