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Happy Tracy

By dasprid
Well, I not only got one, but two sketches from Perrydotto! This time it's my own OC, Tracy Swift. I had to adapt my shading style a little bit, as my previous one only worked great for gray coat. Anyway, I'm pleased with the result again, I hope so are you!

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Looks a little bit like rubber o.O  RubberPony?
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I was more thinking of jelly ;)
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I don't eat that much jelly, but ok rubber / jelly... not much difference^^

But really nice light effect.
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Thanks a lot, still striving to improve!
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The eyes came out a bit weird (I think my proportions in the sketch might have been off ...), the sizes make it look like her eyes are very stare-like. That just as a pointer for the future - Proportions are important, and not everything that looks okay on the sketch translates well into a finished drawing. I know I adjust things here and there when I ink & color my own art, haha!

Very good technique, the colors are very vibrant, and I like the shading! Keep it up, for sure!
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I actually had to make some correction to the eyes already, as the sketch wasn't very clear there. I'd really love to practice my shading more (after all, after finishing Qetesh' Sketch, which took me seven hour, this one only took me three). Sadly I'm out of sketches now :)
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