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Cute Qetesh

By dasprid
So this is a little gift I put together for Qeteshpony ( based on a rough sketch by Perrydotto, which she drew in a few minutes at Brony Fair 2015. Initially I only wanted to make a flat-color vector, but when watching a stream by KnifeH, I couldn't resist to try a bit more shading on this than I usually did. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the result.

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Wow, I'm very impressed how fun this one came out! You kept the energy of the sketch really well and made it a wellpolished piece without losing my style in the process. Awesome stuff, keep it up!!
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Thanks a lot, I really had a lot of fun making this. Was quite interesting to decipher some unclear parts on the sketch, at it was quite rough around some places ;)
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Oh, for sure - I didn't draw it with any further work on it done in mind. I was only told later that it would be inked and colored. Good job on figuring out what I smeared there, haha!
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cool shading, i like it :)
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Thanks, I may use it in future vectors again.
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Wow... how did ya do that? o_O
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Lots and lots of blur ;)
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This looks so awesome :D
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