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Commission: Multi-expression sheet for TreatiseCha

This was a somewhat unusual commission by TreatiseCharm, but I really enjoyed working on it. So she asked me to create an expression sheet where she could easily swap out individual parts. What I came up with was a layered SVG file, where each part can simple be hidden or shown, properly overlaying the parts below it. Overall this took me a little longer than expected, but that was mostly due to a more complex mane, next time I know better ;)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!
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Do you still have this a commission? and How much is it? Q0Q
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Dasprid is very professional and takes pride in his work. He is one of the few artists out there that is willing to sell SVG files. Believe me, I offended two artists by simply asking them if they were willing to sell their SVG files!!! Vector art is not easy. Each point is carefully placed and lines or curves crafted. This art form is more akin to sculpture and then to drawing or painting. Dasprid has mastered MLP vector art. His vectors are show quality and this one is no exception. I gave Dasprid, vary little direction and he was able to flawlessly craft me this puppet. Some of the expression combos made me laugh out loud. I am awestruck with the puppet’s versatility!!! Dasprid came up with all the expressions on his own and I am so pleased with them. I cannot thank you enough Dasprid.

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