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Vista Green Style

By DaSonnet

First of all I want to thank


for let me use his great theme to present my shellstyle and

Shifty102 [link]

who inspired me with his plex work

I used a pair of icons that I had in my computer, but I don't remember the author...sorry

The first shellstyle concept that I made was very different, but I've lost all my work formatting the computer, so I went with this second version...hope you like it!

p.s. This is only the Shellstyle, as the theme is X3remes property

There's the link to his theme [link]

p.p.s. If you're using this shellstyle without the X3remes theme, the upper part will be different matching with the rest of the style (grass style)

Feel free to comment
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First, thanks for the hard work in putting this together. My question, however, is will this work with Vista x64 SP1?

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I don't know, I have vista 32 bit sp1, try it :)
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I can't get it to work???help! I patched the 3 files, now what? what do i do with the shellstyle.dll???
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I was on vacation, so I couldn't write to you...

Anyway I updated the files creating the LonghornInvention folder that you have to copy into Windows>Resources>Themes...that's all...If you want to change the shellstyle copy the energy shellstyle into the Windows>Resources>Themes >LonghornInvention>Theme>Shell>NormalColor folder!
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Ok thank i have to repatch...I think i screwed up cuz i had the BSOD :P
posso usarlo con windows xp.. ? nn ho capito
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No è solo per vista
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could u please offer me the wallpaper.
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Sure, send me your mail, no problem
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This will go perfect my new laptop that is coming soon! It will have Vista
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I'm happy you liked it, soon I will release another work...stay tuned

and thanks!
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Nice idea

Looks good :)
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Thanks, love your works too:thanks:
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Sorry, now the link works:crazy:
Where's the link?
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no download link? :(
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buon lavoro, ma non mi piace la parte superiore della shellstile, non si integra bene..... secondo me devi creare anche la parte superiore con effetto erba......
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