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Hello again, everyone. The past few months have been much busier than I was expecting them to be. I got out of the hospital and instantly had to jump both into the busiest season of my day job (we're a holiday greeting card company, so we were doing 12-hour days, 6 days a week and sometimes longer) and finishing up a freelance map project at the same time, for a Call of Cthulhu themed game. I was also taking chemotherapy medication and doing radiation treatments every day of the week. Now that we've passed Christmas and New Years, the freelance projects are done, the holiday rush at work is done, and the medication and radiation are largely done, too. I just got a clean MRI back, and everyone in the Radiation/Oncology department is pretty much saying Mission Accomplished. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I'm exhausted.

Oh, and my computer blue-screen-of-death'd about 20 minutes after I turned that freelance map project in. Not just dead. Like, dead dead. Fortunately my files are backed up on a friend's computer. I've got a (ridiculously sweet) new computer on the way to me, but they're taking a while to build it.

So now I've got about a few weeks of free time, and no computer to work on. I've been spending the time (gasp) drawing on paper. It turns out I've gotten pretty bad at that in the last year, in which I've drawn almost nothing that didn't happen from start to finish on the computer. I guess this is probably good for me.

Oh hey, check this out, too:

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Oct 24

...Just an update on myself, for any who are curious. First of all, it was my birthday yesterday! I'm 29 years old. They tried to strike me down, but I am still here, and more powerful than they ever could have imagined. (Did it ever bother anyone else than Obi Wan says that, and it's totally not even true?  He's not more powerful at all...he just stands around and flickers.)

I'm fine now, health-wise. (The doctors are more cautious than I am, which is why I'm still being subjected to radiation and chemo every day for the next six weeks) I still have a big white scar running across the length of my head, and I still have all of my hair, mostly. The daily radiation treatments still have a novelty factor to them that makes me feel like I'm in Ghost In The Shell, with giant machines rotating around me and shooting lasers at my face.

We still have at least a month to go of being burned by lasers...so fingers crossed on that one, they say hair will "probably" start falling out towards the end of the process because of the damaged skin tissue, but hey, I've been lucky so far.

Dollar-wise, I'm still being obliterated by medical bills. Are we all gonna vote for Obama?!! Cause that would help, and because Mitt Romney wants to put everything we know and love on the free market--which I'm sure would suit him just fine, but not so much the rest of us.

Working on a few freelance map projects for Call of Cthulhu at the moment. Fun, but tiring. It makes me want to go back and read some more Lovecraft. I'm also putting together the perk materials for everyone who was generous enough to donate to my Indiegogo page, which involves a lot of writing down all of the content that was just in my head when I ran these games the first time around.

For anyone who sees this, the IndieGoGo donations have helped a HUGE amount, to the point where we have been able to pay all of our hospital bills up front so far. Thanks to everyone who donated, prayed, organized events, sent me ice cream, or just thought for a second that it would be a shame if I died of brain cancer! :D It's amazing to have such a stand-up community of friends and well-wishers. (The Indiegogo donation page closes tonight, if you're wondering.)

Back to normal life, for the most part. Day job, radiation, and freelance art on the side. Plus coffee and My Little Pony, the world continues to turn.
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Sep 10th

Got home from the hospital the night before last, after a grueling week of brain surgery and blood tests. Everything went ridiculously well, really. They *think* they got all the brain tumor out, and I will be waiting around at home, zonked out on Pain Pills/Steroids/Laxatives/Tylenol/etc. I'm still a little bit fuzzy from all of the medication (I have a personal policy of not ever taking any, so in the past week I've taken more than in the rest of my preceding life combined, I think). Maybe my "tough it out" policy has helped me with more resistance to this kind of thing, because I'm already conscious, back on my feet, and home, four days after the part where they opened up my head and took pieces out. The only problem is that I didn't have health insurance, and the surgery is going to cost my family (it looks like, they're still working on the bill for us) about....$450,000.00.

IF anyone wants to be incredibly helpful, they COULD go to the Indiegogo site my friends set up for me while I was unconscious. It's a fundraiser site where you can contribute to help ease my family's crushing debt! :D Calculator says, if I live to be about 90 years old, I'll still have to pay about $7400.00 per year, every year until I die (about 60 years), to pay this back. Oof.
Anyway, for any extremely kind person who might be interested, you can find the Indiegogo site here: www.indiegogo.com/help-daniel?…

Here's the accompanying Reddit.com pages about my brain problems too, for more context about how fast, random, and out-of-nowhere all of this was:

I wouldn't ask if it was just my debt. I would just spend the rest of my life paying it. But there's no way my family can do this on their own, so any help would be very, very appreciated by all of us!

Aug 16th

Woo! Off to GenCon this weekend! I'm going to try to get a job! I mean, a job where I get paid to do art, hopefully.

(Should I dress up as an elf? I've never been to a convention before)

To any who may be visiting my page via my GenCon contact cards, please note that I have two deviantArt pages:
chailette.deviantart.com/galle… is my gallery for landscapes, people and creatures.
dasomerville.deviantart.com/ga… is my gallery of D&D maps. Please have a look at both! :)
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Just wondering, for you people that like these maps that I do. I try to make the 1-inch grid visible on most of my maps using the textures; but on some of them, like the outdoor maps in particular, the grid isn't a natural part of the landscape. In these cases I've been turning the grids off, so you can see my pretty pictures better. If you'd like me to upload versions of these maps with the grid turned on, please let me know and I'll be happy to!
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