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Hello again, everyone. The past few months have been much busier than I was expecting them to be. I got out of the hospital and instantly had to jump both into the busiest season of my day job (we're a holiday greeting card company, so we were doing 12-hour days, 6 days a week and sometimes longer) and finishing up a freelance map project at the same time, for a Call of Cthulhu themed game. I was also taking chemotherapy medication and doing radiation treatments every day of the week. Now that we've passed Christmas and New Years, the freelance projects are done, the holiday rush at work is done, and the medication and radiation are largely done, too. I just got a clean MRI back, and everyone in the Radiation/Oncology department is pretty much saying Mission Accomplished. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! I'm exhausted.

Oh, and my computer blue-screen-of-death'd about 20 minutes after I turned that freelance map project in. Not just dead. Like, dead dead. Fortunately my files are backed up on a friend's computer. I've got a (ridiculously sweet) new computer on the way to me, but they're taking a while to build it.

So now I've got about a few weeks of free time, and no computer to work on. I've been spending the time (gasp) drawing on paper. It turns out I've gotten pretty bad at that in the last year, in which I've drawn almost nothing that didn't happen from start to finish on the computer. I guess this is probably good for me.

Oh hey, check this out, too:
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So glad to hear the good news. I wish you the best and for a full recovery. It is truly amazing to see the before and after pictures. I bet that's a load off. (pun intended)

As for the comp problems, I think we've all been there. When you are finished with your hand drawn sketches, I'd love to see them if you'd like to share. There's something far more rewarding when it comes to drawing on paper.

Keep kickin' =D
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I'm not sure if anyone else (from reddit) still remembers all you went through, but hearing this after initially hearing about your troubles a bit ago is extremely comforting. The image of the before and after is shocking.

you're still pretty damn awesome at what you do. Very creative. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.

also, if you need a deep voice for whatever reason, I'll read anything you want in it:


I offer because some people say its entertaining and I still feel bad for not contributing to that donation thing you had going on.
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Thanks for the note, and no worries! I can't and didn't expect every single person in the world to want to donate, or be able to donate. Enough people did that we're pretty well off, considering everything. (still tens of thousands of dollars in debt, but not so in debt that we can't pay it off eventually).

I might take you up on the deep voice thing sometime in the future if I ever finish the video game I'm working on; you can be my narrator like the narrator in Bastion ;)
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I'll gladly help if you ever need it. Just message me here or on MovieTrailerReply on Reddit. :D

And it's good to hear. You guys seem to have it all under control, which is incredible given the circumstances. Good luck to you!