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Salt Hall

The overall view of the connecting chambers of Salt Hall, the old subterranean dwarven settlement that Fallcrest was built on top of.
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I am a really busy DM, so can't tell you how much I appreciate being able to use your work in my campaign. Thank you!

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awesome job!  Drawn style is always great vs photoreal like the ones I do.  Keep it up :)
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I am using this right now. Awesome atmosphere and detailing.
Also love a lot of your other work and am going to use it sooner or later :)
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Thanks! It's always good to hear that people are getting use out of my stuff! ^_~
Kepli-DJ's avatar
We just finished the map. It took them four sessions with all the undead I plotted in there, but it was a blast :)
My DM just ran us through this dungeon. It was amazing, thank you so much.
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Thank YOU!

It always makes me satisfied to hear that my maps are getting used. :)
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wow this is amazing
The Skills my good man
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I just happened across this whilst searching for map material, and this is really, really awesome.
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You are a genius!
I love this map!! :D
will absolutely use it... aw, i love it...

I tried to do a battlemap in photoshop, but it doesn't look so good... do you have some tips?
has you drawn all of it or did you use stockimages?
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Heya, sorry for the lateness of my reply!

I'm happy that you like my work; I'll be posting more maps, and a tutorial of my process here within a couple of weeks/months.
The short answer is that I pretty much create all of my own textures, patterns and brushes in Photoshop using images I've captured myself with a camera. But you should see what I mean a little better when I post my tutorial.

Check back soon! :)
Sweet lord! what programs do you use for The Cartography?

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It's all Photoshop, and my really old Wacom Intuos 2 drawing tablet, which is about 13 years old now.
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Amazing, will be using probably all of your maps for my current pathfinder campaign
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Do you have a bigger version of this map that i could use as a Battlemap?
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I do, but I'll have to see whether it's small enough to upload at full resolution. They do have some size requirements here, and usually I'm trying to figure out ways to squeak under it with my smaller maps. I'll compress, and see what I can do.
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That would be great!!
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I love it. Simple as that!
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Interesting map style...
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Stunning map. Stunning in every detail. Your lighting in each room is especially impeccable. Very well done. I also agree that you should submit this to the Cartographer's Guild.
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I agree with phlipper, you should definitely submit this piece to the Guild, it is beautiful.

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I have suggested it to a great group called Cartography-Guild on deviant art. you should check it out if you want to see other inspiring work or be connected to a community of great talent and people. They are connected to a great site called
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This is one of the most amazing maps I have seen for an RPG game.

Keep up the good work!
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