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...that's how the function is called, isn't it? And so that's what I gonna do. Didn't I tell you I would not give you many updates in a long time? I was right :)

However, much happened during the course of the year. I have finished my civil service in August. If you can understand German you'll find my "French" blog here:

Since October I study Online Journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt ( If you want to see what that means exactly, just have a click on karlshofjournalisten.blogspot.… every now and then, where I will try to explain it :) You're always welcome to drop a line, of course :)

I will continue posting some of my pictures here, I guess, but not blogging. Voilà. See ya!
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I don't really like to give my journal such a title. If this rests the last entry for another long period, it will become ridiculous... Like so many other blogs out there. But, I think, we already had this discussion, didn't we? And I'm certain it will rest the last entry for several months.

Anyway, as everyone can see I have recommenced submitting to dA. Quite a satisfacation! However, I don't think I will contribute a lot to this very blog. Seen that I already have my German blog [] whith a gallery affiliated  I do not really have to say something else. That's about it for the moment ;)

Moreover, I was asking myself what language is the best to communicate on dA.

Tell me!
Sagt es mir!

[You guys can't imagine how long it took me to write this entry. There are too many french words in my head... O.o]
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Again, I haven't been to dA for quite a long time now.

I finally moved to France in order to begin my civil service. My new "hometown" is called Hauterives, situated in the sous-east of France.

I arrived four weeks ago and already I feel like not being able anymore to neither speak nor write in English. It is not really that I am already much absorbed by the French language but anyways it has become difficult. As one can probably see in these lines... ;)

So, I just wanted to give you guys a short note saying that I am still alive and that I will not interrupt posting at dA. It is just that I do not really have much access to the internet at present. I hope that I will manage to have access in my room soon so that I can spend more time really looking at your postings and commenting them :)

So long

Hey guys :)

I know, it has been quite quiet (^^) here over the last couple of weeks. I am pretty busy because my family and me just moved and there is no internet at our new house yet.

Additionally, I started working for our local newspaper and so there is even less time.

However, I will return with many more pictures, that is for sure :)

Tschüss :D