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Greetings all. Here is a timely update as well as a summary of the year 2013, since winter is coming... 

I continue to priorities my freelance illustration work, and have been kept nicely busy. A major project that spilled over from last year was the facebook game Game of Thrones: AscentThis was produced by Disruptor Beam, partnered with HBO, allowing players to venture into the world created by George RR Martin, engage in adventures and build a kingdom. 

I contributed character and item art, and also the initial designs for the buildings in the city players construct as the game progresses (the final rendering of these buildings was done by Mike Gardner. 

I had many other interesting commissions in the year, usually in keeping with my interest in fantasy and medieval/historical imagery. I have produced character images for PRGs from Dreamscarred Press, and from Rite Publishing. The latter being the soon-to-be released Lords of Gossamer and Shadows.

I have had several commissions for book covers this year, including for the first two of the Fayborn novels by Jack Wootton, which are well worth checking out. Another cover commission was for the fantasy adventure novel 'The Kingstone of Airmid' by William Speir, (which is nearing completion). Illustrations were also done for a coming sci-fi/mermaid novel called 'Spindrift', by Robert Thornsberry, which looks set to be a ripping yarn.

As noted, I am now focussing most of my energies on freelance art and illustration, but I also revisited my historical writing, this year, and published my non-fiction work, Mary Magdalene: Biography of a Legend on kindle. My previous historical books, Rise and Fall of the Knights Templar, and A to Z of the Knights Templar (published by Spellmount) are also available on Amazon, in both printed and kindle e-book forms. 

Edit. The Pocket version of A-Z is also now availible...

Speaking of the Order of the Temple, my range of jewellery designs inspired by theTemplars and their myth was launched last year by Eastgate Resource

Talismans of the Knights Templar display box by dashinvaine   Talismans of the Knights Templar by dashinvaine

Sadly I've not had time to do any more work with this company, although I got to meet with them again at the recent Autum Fair, a trade exhibition in Birmingham which took place in early September. I hope to collaborate with them again in the future. At the Autumn Fair, I also got to see the dragon lamp produced by Nemesis Now from my design, which is now on the market. Nemesis Now's stand is always a treat, filled with dragons and fairies. 


The identification code for this product is NOW6856 which may help you find it. 

And on Amazon, since it seems they don't just do books... www.amazon.co.uk/Stunning-Drag…

My Zombie Guzzler was also on show at the trade expo... These wine bottle holders also make good book-ends, so they are doubly functional as well as, er, beautiful...

Also availible on Amazon, ...

That came out last year, when I had a bit of a Zombie theme, as I also did sketchy art for the card game Rise of the Zombies, from Dan Virssen  Games. boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/12… I have done more work for Dan Virssen as well this year, including Vietnam era airmen and WW2 soliders, which made a change from my usual medievalism. My present jobs include two privately commissioned portraits in oils (both in historical costumes, as it happens), a battle scene for an RPG, and artwork for a board game based on the history of Salerno in Italy, which is all intriguing and different. I am sure I can fit in more work, though, and am open for enquiries regarding future projects. To discuss any such projects or to enquire about purchasing existing works, e.g. my original paintings, please email giour94@hotmail.com

'Joan of Arc' has just been snapped up, by the way, so too late if you had your eye on that one.

My OFFICIAL website: 


Any enquiries, please email: GIAOUR94@HOTMAIL.COM 


My Art Blog is at dashinvaine.blogspot.com/

Cafepress shop: www.cafepress.co.uk/Dashinvain…

My artist's page on facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Gordon-…


Lots of stock photos which you are free to use as artistic inspiration:

Updated relatively recently with arms and armour from the Wallace Collection in London, which I visited back in June.

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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
I have to agree, looks like you've had quite a productive year! :D
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Glad it looks that way ;)
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TheophiliaProfessional Traditional Artist
Looks more productive than my year. XP But I understand never feeling like you're doing is much/being as productive as you could be. :XD:
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Had a rather massively busy year mate!  Hope it continues!
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So do I, thanks!